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Getting to Work Faster, So We Can Work Better

Virtual PBX Waterloo

Virtual PBX Waterloo – Helping You Work Faster and Better.

We need to get people moving.

That should be the mantra of the Waterloo city council next year. The city has a love/hate relationship with transportation. The stream of 10,000 cars, vans and delivery trucks takes people from point A to point B but the delays, traffic jams and stop and go traffic make short trips longer. The environmental impact is scary with that many cars making longer trips to hockey practice and work. Estimates say 52% of free hydrocarbons are from transportation related sources.

Another negative impact from sluggish transportation is productivity. The time lost to transportation for a worker with a traditional 9-5 office schedule may be up to three hours in traffic per workday. That quickly multiplies to 180 hours per fiscal quarter. If that time were decreased by just an hour a week, how much could you and your coworkers get done?

  • More days working after hours without fear of getting home at midnight.
  • More willingness to make trips outside the workplace for brainstorming sessions.
  • More face to face talks with clients and associates.
  • More time to use in informal research and development.

A faster way of getting from A to B would mean more time to produce ideas. More time to ask questions and look for answers. Less time commuting would increase a worker’s job options and increase potential employees. An increase in supply brings more competition into the job market, i.e. better, more qualified candidates.

Virtual PBX Waterloo can provide a state of the art call handling system but if the employees are not there to get the calls, business can suffer. What is a fast, efficient and environmentally sound way to move people? Buses and carpooling are no longer the best alternatives.

Monorails are clean, fast and efficient public transportation. If Homer Simpson is not conducting. Maglev and other forms of monorail trains have been safely in use for decades. If tracks are elevated it does not block common traffic. The 10 minute cross town commute alone should be reason enough to look into it.

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NEWT – Beyond Telecom

For an August Town Hall meeting, Fibernetics, the parent company of NEWT, put together a video titled Who Are We? which illustrated in less than three minutes our operating philosophy. It was intended to be an in-house video used as a reminder to our employees on what we are all about – but it was such a great message we decided to simply put it “out there.”

It ended with two simple words:

Beyond Telecom

What does that mean exactly?

We are a telecommunications company. It’s what we do. But it’s what telecommunications allows people to do now, not telecommunications itself, that drives us.

We live in an information driven world. We all rely on the ability to connect to learn, to work and for play. Telecom has become an absolute necessity for us all to live and operate in today’s reality – and in the future it will be even more so.

The thing is, other telecom companies see this increased connectivity as a license to gouge. They see this dependency on telecom as a method to extort the maximum dollars possible out of their own customers.

Telecom is no longer about telecom. It’s about the way we all live now, and we have decided that we want to be the company that provides our customers with:


That’s “Beyond telecom.”

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NEWT Newsletter – August 2013 – Welcome!


NEWTTeam (1)

Hi there,

Welcome to our first newsletter. My name is Jody Schnarr and I am the CEO of Fibernetics. NEWT is our business services division and currently we are enjoying tremendous growth thanks to fantastic business partners and our customers. Because of this rapid growth, we want to ensure that we remain in as close contact as possible so we’re introducing this additional way to communicate and share what’s new with your business phone provider in the hopes that it will improve the efficiency of your business.

Provided on a regular basis, these newsletters will focus on the most important part of our business, and that’s you, our client.

We believe that the success NEWT is currently enjoying is directly tied to the relationship we build with each of our clients and we encourage your feedback so that we can build even stronger partnerships going forward.

What’s in it?

Jody_SchnarrWe’ll be talking about product updates, new product releases and new feature updates and releases. We also will be sharing client stories in each edition, focusing on their experience with NEWT products and services. Since this letter will be shared with thousands of NEWT customers across the country, it’s a great way for them to get their company name “out there.” If you are interested, please let us know if you have a great story you think you’d like to share.

Finally, if you have suggestions or ideas or feedback for NEWT, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at


Welcome to NEWT – formerly known as Fibernetics Business Services

newttwSince its founding Fibernetics’ business service division has been called, not too creatively, Fibernetics Business Services or “FBS”. Earlier this year we rebranded to NEWT.

Originally introduced in 2012 as the name of our Managed PBX Business Phone solution, the enthusiastic reaction to the name and overall brand acceptance had us rethink that limited rollout, and instead apply our “little green guy” to all our business telecom products.

So, why NEWT?

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starbucksOur Survey Says…

In order to serve you better, we invite you to fill out a quick six question Customer Satisfaction Survey. It should only take you a minute or two, and once you’ve completed your input, you’re automatically entered to win a $50.00 Starbucks Gift Card. (Please note: The survey must be completed in seven (7) days upon receipt in order to be eligible).

Thanks – and good luck!

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Introducing NEWT ANA™ 2.0

ANALogoIn today’s hyper-connected world, one of businesses biggest disasters is having the network go down. Lost man hours, lost customers and lost leads all impact the bottom line.

That’s why we are introducing NEWT ANA™ saving Canadian companies from network down time, with the added benefit of increased network speeds.

Think of it as an insurance policy for your network.

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NEWT Customer Case Study: Cambridge Chamber of Commerce

chamber_greg_w_newt (1)A non-profit organization, reliability in the communication with their members and with the general public is of paramount importance to the President and CEO, Greg Durocher, as is the bottom line when it comes to overhead.

As he said when Fibernetics came to him with the proposal to install the NEWT™ Managed PBX Business Phone System, “We would have needed our heads examined if we didn’t accept it.”



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Bullfrog Power Goes Green with NEWT™ Managed PBX

Earlier this year Canadian green-energy leader Bullfrog Power chose NEWT™ Managed PBX as their business phone solution for their new Toronto head office.

Their decision was based on the fact that the NEWT™ Managed PBX provides a scalable voice solution with a multitude of sophisticated features, all without the need to purchase expensive equipment or an IT staff to make it all work.

Just how “Green” is the NEWT™ PBX?

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Did You Know:

Hero_ApprovedYou now know that NEWT is the business services division of Fibernetics – but did you know that we also have a residential division called Worldline?

Worldline provides the same high-quality voice and data services you currently enjoy at work, but at your home, and at a fraction of the price that “The Big Three” charge.

And since you are already part of the Fibernetics family, we’d like to offer you a special discount if you sign up with Worldline for your Digital Home Phone & Unlimited High Speed Internet.

No Caps – No Contracts – No Kidding

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We’re Hiring! If you’re into marketing, have we got a job for you…

A great opportunity to join one of the fastest growing telecoms in Canada

ErinNEWT™ is currently experiencing exponential growth delivering affordable high-tech voice and data solutions to companies across the country. Due to this rapid growth we’re all having trouble keeping up with the demand. Erin Wagner, who had the role previously just accepted a sales opportunity with NEWT™, so we need someone to fill her shoes.

It’s a terrific opportunity, in a great company that is going places fast, so if you’re got the marketing chops, have we got a job for you…

The Role

We are looking for a new member for the marketing team.  Fibernetics will fill your time with a wide variety of responsibilities so your desire for variety, creativity, and spontaneity in a role will be met.

Knowledge and Experience:

  • A thorough understanding of the B2B sales cycle from lead generation to sales conversion, preferably in the telecommunications marketplace.
  • A B2B market analytical skill set to provide insights into current marketing programs and to assist in the development of future projects.
  • Experience in executing B2B marketing campaigns – and the production of reports, ongoing metrics, scoring and post-analysis.
  • Experience working with and supporting an outside sales team
  • Education in Sales and/or Marketing is considered an asset

Desired Skills & Experience

Personal Qualifications:

  • Strong communication skills both oral and written.
  • Comfortable with CMS for Hubspot, Salesforce etc.
  • Enjoys fun on the job
  • Comfortable in  client facing role
  • Collaborative in nature

Company Description

We are one of Canada’s fastest growing telecommunications companies and one of Waterloo Region’s start-up success stories. We were also one of the top five finalists for the Junior Achievement Business of the Year Award in 2012. Our rapid success enables us to continually grow our team in order to support our wide range of services. As a result we have many new career opportunities and are always looking for talented people just like you!

We offer a high energy, professional yet casual work environment with the opportunity to make a difference every day. It’s an environment where everyone’s contribution is valued and rewarded. We take pride in our ability to have fun and celebrate our successes together. In return, we are looking for people who are creative and passionate about their work. Successful employees have an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for technology. If we are describing you, then consider becoming a part of the Fibernetics team!

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NEWT Whiteboard: Taking Customer Service Seriously

Thousands of companies are using the NEWT™ Managed PBX as their business phone solution because of its provides cutting edge communication technology.

That, however, is only half the story, because it is backed up with best-in-class customer service.

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Backpacks for Kids: A Slideshow

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Backpacks for Kids had its backpack giveaway this past weekend. More than 75 kids took part and went home with their new backpacks filled with school supplies along with some gift certificates to buy more.

School supplies are not provided in the Dominican Republic, so this elegant little service provides the poorest of children access to education they otherwise could not afford.

Run by Worldline’s Peter Cross and company co-founder John Stix, this little home grown act of kindness has grown to the point where next year it will be a full blown official charity with the full weight of FiberneticsWorldline and NEWT™ behind it.

This year, the company’s social committee, The Fun Bunch organized events to raise some of the funds.

“What a great day, as you can see by a few of the pics, we helped a lot of kids and I couldn’t be more proud of all of you and us together! Backpacks for Kids will be a legal registered charity by next year so we’re looking to allow many more kids to get the education they deserve next year,” said John Stix.

“And props  to Rosa (Peter’s wife) she is pregnant and still went out and negotiated all the buys for supplies!”

Backpacks for Kids is set to grow. Stay tuned over the coming months for details on next year’s giveaway, when even more kids get to go to school.

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Possible cheap flying soon for the Canada skies

hosted pbx

Let’s get ready to rumbleeeeeeee. Quick Hazel, hide the Tarot Cards and dismiss the mystic lady with her magic globe with fake snow floating around. Finally there’s a reason for optimism. The planes….the planes…..are coming to the Canadian marketplace. You won’t recognize the names, but you’ll surely love the prices. It’s a bank robbery without wearing a mask or even entering a bank.

WestJet and Air Canada have launched a subsidiary serving smaller locations in Western Canada. Since WestJet’s Encore already has a handful of those sleek-looking Bombardier Q400 jets they will soon be heading out to destinations where Air Canada doesn’t provide service like Ft. St. John, Nanaimo, BC, along with Saskatoon for starters. So how does an air fare up to 50 percent lower than any other carrier sound to you?

Not to be left out in the cold, Toronto’s Porter Airlines is also loading up with wheelbarrows full of new jets and new destinations come 2016. Yep, Porter Air will no longer be a “regional” player in the game of flight, but a national one. And like WestJet, Porter is promising to “cut-the-cards” even deeper in terms of steep price reductions. Yes folks, it may seem like a dream, but once all the T’s and I’s have been dotted and crossed, it’ll be nothing but blue skies and green lights. Plus with professionally hosted PBX at the helm, you’ll be in good hands. And if your leg room gets a bit cramped, just consider the savings.

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