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Season’s Greetings from NEWT

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The Christmas Party, or Who is that girl in the Blue Dress?

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Call Recording: If you don’t have it, you probably should

imagesIt sounds like it’s something sinister, straight out of the Nixon White House or the NSA, but call recording is fast becoming one of the most effective performance management tools for business.

Why? Because it works. If ever you’ve been on a customer service call, most likely you’ve heard, “this call is recorded for quality assurance purposes.” That’s all call recording is. It allows for customer/agent interactions to be reviewed for training purposes, ensuring your customers are receiving the best service possible, and your staff has the training to provide it.

Co-founder of Intrigue Media, Rob Murray, who became a NEWT customer in 2012 said, “I can monitor and manage how our team is handling inquiries and customer outbound calls… the value to the organization to create consistency and best practices has been invaluable.”

Call Recording = Performance Management

For the uninitiated, the idea of call recording might seem a little Big Brotherish, however when it comes to customers service reps or sales agents, it’s not about keeping them under surveillance. Rather it’s all about helping your reps improve their skills, to get better at their jobs and to advance their careers.

A recent Gallup survey taken across numerous industries revealed that the most highly productive employees benefit from two shared characteristics:

1st – They know exactly what is expected of them every day
2nd – They are given the tools that they need to do their jobs well.

This is the key to performance management. Providing the proper combination of tools and training to allow them to thrive in their positions. The Office of Performance Management (it’s an American federal agency) defines the four stages of performance management this way:

Planning, monitoring, developing and rewarding

The planning phase is the initial training your people are provided. Define exactly what is expected, provide them with the tools and information that is required to fulfill their role, and then train them to handle a variety of situations and develop their problem solving skills.

Call recording covers the next two stages of performance management: Managers access agent calls and then, by playing back recordings and discussing them with agents, managers communicate both employees’ strengths and weaknesses.

Next comes their development. Utilizing these call recordings provides real-time training giving agents the opportunity to learn new skills. Finally, the rewards. Besides the satisfaction of a job well done, both your company and your employees will benefit from agents meeting their job expectations.

The most valuable time for your business is when you are in direct contact with your customers. This is your best opportunity to increase product awareness, introduce new products or features, or to up-sell, and call recording provides your business with a well-trained, motivated team on the end of the line.

For more information on call recording with the NEWT Business Phone System please call NEWT‘s business communication team at 1-888-996-6389 or email


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Is it time to upgrade your Business Phone System?

Maybe it's time for an upgrade...

Maybe it’s time for an upgrade…

Considering how rapidly things have advanced in the past few years, chances are good the answer to that is, “yes.”

For over a century the phone system has been the key tool for acquiring and retaining customers. It is what business people have been using to make or keep whoever is on the “end of the line” happy. Simply put, the business phone is the backbone for any successful enterprise.

That said, no one in their right mind would dream of using century old technology to get and keep in touch with customers. And due to the fact that technology has advanced so rapidly and fundamentally, today the same can be said for even decade old technology.

Today’s business communication technology advances are greatly enhancing the ability of people to communicate and coordinate with one another, both within and among organizations. These powerful new tools are nothing short of revolutionary, and if your business isn’t taking full advantage of them, you are falling behind.

So – what are the signs that your business phone system isn’t up to snuff any more? Here are probably the top five:

  1. Inability to handle call volume: Success comes with a lot of baggage, one of which is an exponential growth in the number of both incoming and outgoing phone calls over time. Verify that you have sufficient capacity on your local services and if your system has a predictable problem in keeping up with increased demands, it’s time to start your search for a new business phone system now.
  2. Inability to scale: You intend to keep growing your business – not to remain where you are. Yet for many companies on the verge of expansion, a constant barrier is a phone system unable to accommodate the addition of more extensions or users without being too expensive to justify the investment. If your business phone system can’t easily scale, neither can you.
  3. Lack of multiple-location support: Multiple offices no longer means multiple phone systems. Adding and managing extensions to external sites should take minutes, not months. If your current phone system can’t manage this simple, (by today’s standards) function, you need to upgrade.
  4. Incompatible with VoIP telephony: Simply put Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the present/future of both business and personal communications. Introduced in 2003, in ten years it’s gone from a cheap telecom alternative to best-in-class level of service. The feature set and flexibility of these systems separates them from traditional phone systems, and the ability to make voice calls via Internet produces significant savings for long-distance calls between the company branches or to non-local clients. If you’re company doesn’t support VoIP, you are missing out on a business advantage.
  5. Unsupportive of a mobile workforce: How do you define “in the office” today? Today’s business environment allows for constant communication regardless of where an employee is. Remote work forces are becoming more and more common. Your phone system should simplify the lives of your employees by making their jobs easier and more productive wherever they are. Tomorrow, it will be even more so, meaning if you’re not allowing for an expanded workplace and workforce, your business is falling behind.

These are just five of the many reasons to upgrade your business phone system and therefore your ability to communicate. Of course, the number one reason to always be striving to keep ahead of the curve is – if you don’t, your competition will.

For more information on upgrading your current phone system please call NEWT‘s business communication team at 1-888-996-6389 or email

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