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Merry Christmas and a Happy NEWT Year

See what we did there?

From all of us at NEWT and Fibernetics, our parent company, here’s wishing you and yours the greatest holiday season and a fantastic 2015.



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Why we Donate to the Cambridge Self Help Food Bank

Cambridge Self Help Foodbank

With 750lbs, lucky the driver had a trolley

At this time of year it seems especially important to think of others less fortunate than ourselves. Being part of the Cambridge community,  we here at FIbernetics, NEWT’s parent company, have an in-house contest to maximize the donation to the Cambridge Self Help Food bank.

Random teams hit the stores and bring in foodstuffs and other necessities that will help those in the area in need with the essentials, and hopefully allowing them to have an enjoyable holiday season.

I must confess that I thought of those who used the food bank as those who are truly suffering at society’s lowest levels, however I was surprised when I was buying my own food bank supplies at my local grocery store when the teller, a young lady around 25 or so, said, “I hope I see stuff like this when I go to the food bank.”

Clearly she noticed the surprised look on my face because she leaned in and said, “if I didn’t my kids wouldn’t get very good presents this year.”

There was no embarrassment on her part, just a statement of how the food bank helps make thing just a little bit easier. Something I didn’t understand, and something that made me even more enthusiastic about donating. I want back for another round of shopping.

According to their website, the Cambridge Self Help Food Bank offers food and support to people and community groups in need within Cambridge and North Dumfries. Encouraging self-reliance through programs and services, the Food Bank goes beyond simply providing food.

Their programs are designed to build skills that help people move out of the cycle of poverty. They offer a full range of programs within their facility including: the provision of Emergency Food Assistance, the Food Co-operative program, Infant, Youth, Adult and Seniors Program and Employment Readiness Programs.

It’s an awesome program run by awesome people, and their services, especially at this time of year are invaluable. This year the staff at Fibernetics donated over 750 lbs of much needed food and other household products, along with $180 in cash, something the food bank uses to buy items in bulk at especially great rates.

If you are interested in donating, please contact to the Cambridge Self Help Food Bank to learn how.

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Canadian ISP: How NOT To Go About Your Business

Canadian ISPWe weren’t even sure if we should post this, but considering the source, one of the most respected commentators on Canadian telecom in the country, CanadianISP‘s Marc Bissonnette, we figured, if it’s good enough for him…

From Canadian ISP’s Facebook Page:

So get this:

My best friend calls Rogers to get a cable connection: He’s gone through several of the smaller independents for DSL and they simply could not provide what he needs for his business that he runs out of a home office.

He does his research and finds that Rogers offers exactly what he needs – the dedicated IPs, the available speed and bandwidth and, as a business package, he’s okay with the doubled price of residential. They’ve checked that the service is available in the area, there are no issues with signal strength or infrastructure availability.

So, after talking to the sales rep, he says “OK, let’s get this set up” – Sales rep says “Sure, let’s start with your billing info” –

My friend gives the installation address and the Rogers drone says “I’m sorry, but we can’t set this up here”.

My friend: “Umm, why not ? We just confirmed that it IS available here”

Rogers drone: “Well yes, but this is a residence”

Friend: “Yes, my business is run out of my residence – that is why I am asking for a business package and paying business rates”

Rogers drone: “True, but this is for small business”

Friend: “(sigh) Yes, we’ve established that: I am a small business”

Rogers drone: (Unbelievable statement #1): “Yes, but you are too small a business”

Friend: “You have got to be kidding me, right ? What is the real deal, here ?”

Rogers drone: (Unbelievable statement #2) “Well, it’s our policy because we don’t want residential users abusing the service”

Friend: “You’re kidding, right ? This is a joke ? This line was actually re-routed to my friend Marc’s house and you’re yanking my chain, right ? I am PAYING DOUBLE for business services – How could I POSSIBLY be “abusing” this ?”

Rogers drone: “I’m sorry, sir, but there is absolutely nothing that can be done. Have a nice day”

<Slap forehead. With a stick of dynamite>


Jeesh. We hope Marc’s friend gives us a call as we should be able to take care of him. At NEWT we have business services packages available for the smallest start-ups or home offices, starting as low as $69.95/month, with our Small Business Bundle, to more robust systems like NEWT Mini, all the way to enterprise and multi-location organizations with the NEWT Managed PBX.

So Marc, if you read this, tell your pal to drop by the NEWT Website or give us a call at 1 (866) 293-0105 anytime.

We’ll take his call, and help him with his business.

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NEWT Holiday Tip: Change your Holiday Greeting

At this time of year, companies organize food drives and hold Secret Santa parties all to embrace the spirit of the season. That carries over to all their business communications as well, adding season’s greetings to invoices, announcements, their web presence, where ever they think there should be a touch of the Ho, Ho, Ho. That includes their phone system as well, with a customized greeting wishing everyone the very best.

Earlier this year NEWT introduced a new Holiday Auto Attendant Configuration feature upgrade allowing for easy Holiday Greeting operation. And we took it a bit further allowing for multiple automated attendant greetings (up to 99) to be recorded and enabled to play on pre-determined dates.

That means on one session, the NEWT administrator can set the entire year all in one go. Or they can change, edit, add, or remove any greeting at any time.

Perhaps the coolest part of this feature is it was another of NEWT’s free upgrades that our customers enjoy. At NEWT the great system you buy today, only gets better with time. NEWT customers can access all our training videos from the resource tab on the NEWT Business Services website.

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Installation Ace? NEWT Needs You!

NEWT Tea,=mNEWT Business Services is enjoying its best sales year on record. This is due directly to the awesome products and services we provide to the Canadian business marketplace. Thousands of organizations are using NEWT technology today to optimize their communication processes and utilize our segment leading up time and technical support.

In other words, things are rocking at NEWT and due to that, we are looking for an:


ways you contribute

• You perform installation and training at customer premises within South-Western Ontario for Fibernetics, and its resellers
• You take pride in assembling all necessary components for installation (PBX, cables, phones, power supply)
• You configure Fibernetics supplied IP PBX equipment
• You deliver equipment to customer’s site at time of scheduled installation
• You configure clients’ equipment to connect to the Internet via modem/DSL Router or other
• Configure software to connect to Internet application server
• You install all equipment and perform test and turn-up with remote support
• You quickly identify and correct or advise on operational issues in client computer systems
• You provide customer support and technical issue resolution
• You are willing and able to be called for dispatch for support calls from time to time
• You are flexible to work outside of normal business hours from time to time
• You deliver happiness and connections to customers every day by being awesome

what makes you awesome

• Your ability to answer support inquiries with excellent communication skills
• Your knowledge of business telephone systems usage and configuration
• Past experience with hardware and software issues
• You are proficient in email clients, FTP clients and web browsers
• You have knowledge in MacOS, Windows and Linux
• You have a strong knowledge of structured cabling installation
• You have experience using MS Office
• You are a self starter and are a self motivated individual
• You can work independently and manage multiple deadlines
• You have excellent time management skills
• You pride yourself in professionalism when handling customer issues
• You build relationships easily with your proven interpersonal relationship and communication skills
• You have a valid driver’s license and reliable transportation


Write to to let us know how you can contribute, what makes you awesome and why you want to be in. We look forward to hearing from you!

LinkedIn Posting:

For all jobs visit:

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NEWT’s Competitive Advantage: Innovation

Fibernetics Innovation CentreHenry Ford once said, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” That’s the same philosophy we share at NEWT. If we’re all working toward the common goal of being the most innovative business communications provider in the country.

Constantly re-thinking the status quo, NEWT’s developers roll out new features to the NEWT Managed PBX Business Phone System on a regular basis. Most recently, the ground breaking NEWT Contact Centre that allows businesses of all sizes to maximize efficiency, improve customer care, increase sales and customer retention.

It’s this kind of innovative thinking that sets NEWT apart from the competition, an over riding desire to provide our clients with the latest and greatest in business communication, flexible financing options that save them up to 80% on their telecom bills, and all supported by our award winning customer care team.

Now we’re stepping it up a notch. We’ve opened up a new facility dedicated to developing the next generation of telecommunication products that will benefit Canadian consumers and businesses.

Introducing the Fibernetics Innovation Centre

On December 1st FIbernetics took possession of a new building in North Waterloo. Calling it the Fibernetics Innovation Centre, it will house the management of Fibernetics Ventures, all our current and future seedlings and will provide possible expansion facilities for the company as a whole.

Read more on the Fibernetics Blog.


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