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Redefining Workplace Culture

Currently, I’m multi-tasking, the left-side of my brain is being engaged through work tasks, however, the right-side of my brain is also stimulated as I am prepping with my team-mates for the upcoming Fibernetics Car Rally. Sounds like an event you’d be attending on the weekend right? Well think again, because at Fibernetics every day is a new adventure.

Car Rally

Contestants gather and await the start of the first ever Fibernetics Car Rally.

From birthday celebrations to company hosted BBQ events, Fibernetics strives to enhance and build a positive, engaging workplace culture. This is why Fibernetics was recognized by Deloitte as a finalist for Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies in 2014. At Fibernetics, it’s not about getting “through” the work day, rather, it’s about being passionate about what you do. When this occurs, you look forward to overcoming the challenges and achieving both personal and organizational goals.

John Stix, co-founder and President of Fibernectics, has worked tirelessly to create a workplace culture where the employees are encouraged to unleash their personal desires. On my first day, I stepped into the office only to see the walls painted with various bright, inviting colours, almost as if to represent the numerous types of characteristics and personalities of the employees all blended into one successful team. I continued my tour of the office and was surprised when I saw the lunch room filled with personalized employee art and inspirational words on a large beautifully designed chalk board, it was at that moment that I understood the importance of workplace culture. A positive, thriving work environment can trigger something miraculous within employees, something which I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing internally, a view which all business owners should strive to witness.

The procedure of developing culture and the results which all can reap were summed up by John, “we believe, Jody and I both, that there are much more important things than money on earth. We believe in living passionately and we believe in investing in people to be passionate because we have a simple philosophy: if you are your true work self and you are doing what you are supposed to do, that leads to happiness and happiness leads to productivity, and productivity inevitably leads to results. One of those results is money. It is a cycle.”

Together the Worldline division, the residential brand of Fibernetics, and NEWT, the business sector of the company, have cultivated and collaborated together to make Fibernetics one of the largest telecommunications companies within Canada. Our culture is always passed on to our customers. Worldline strives to establish personalized, trusting bonds with their consumers while NEWT constantly works towards ensuring positive, professional relationships are created with various brands and businesses.

Searching for a flexible position, need vacation time to visit family or friends, attempting to be challenged in a creative work environment, or aiming to be a part of more than just a business? Fibernetics ensures the answers to all of these questions meet the needs of each employee, and truthfully, this is just scratching the surface. This is one of the many reasons why our talented employees are remaining with the company and new gifted individuals are constantly trying to become a part of the Fibernetics family.

You can take my word for it or you can learn more about the Fibernetics Culture here. Either way, I’m sure you’ll agree that Fibernetics is truly one of a kind.

I'm in

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Power Vac Powered by NEWT

Power VacIf you have multiple locations across Canada, there’s only one company you could call when it comes to air duct cleaning. With 18 locations across the country, Power Vac is Canada’s only national air duct cleaning company and has been a leader in commercial, industrial and residential air duct cleaning since 1966.

Darwyn McDowell has been with Power Vac for 27 years and is the Office Manager of the Power Vac franchise in Cambridge and says his location alone services customers from Milton to London, and as far north as Owen Sound.

About seven years ago, Power Vac was starting to notice some issues with their aging phone system. “It just got to the point where we couldn’t see any value for the service being provided to us” explains McDowell, “we had heard of the concept of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), but didn’t know too much about it”. It was then that he stumbled upon a local company called NEWT, the business division of Fibernetics, which was featured in The Record, a newspaper for the Kitchener/Waterloo region.

 “We’re now saving about $800 per month and it only took us seven months to pay off the new phone system we received with NEWT.”

Once McDowell and Power Vac saw the savings and increased functionality they’d experience by switching to the NEWT Business Phone System, the offer was too great turn down. “We’re now saving about $800 per month and it only took us seven months to pay off the new phone system we received with NEWT,” says McDowell. But the benefits didn’t stop at savings for Power Vac: “with our old phone system, you couldn’t use wireless headsets, so being able to use those now has really helped our office staff”.

NEWTOne of the most important features to Power Vac involves current and potential customers still being served even after hours. “With Call Forwarding, calls that come in after 5pm are automatically sent over to our other agents, and we can configure that right from our desktop” McDowell exclaims. “The call quality is consistently high, and the training was excellent, they (NEWT) came in and spent multiple hours with the office to make sure everyone was comfortable with the system”.

When asked if he would recommend the NEWT Business Phone System to other businesses, McDowell smiles and says, “Absolutely I would.”

For more information, please call 1-855-378-7979 or visit



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#SpotTheNEWT & Win!

Although commuting from one place to another is a necessity, it rarely results in a reward. NEWT is here to enhance your commute, whether it be driving, walking, or even cycling, so remember, keep your eyes on the prize.

NEWT is entering the big city to let everyone know that they can save up to 80% on their telecom bill. When in Toronto, if you see a NEWT business cab, take a picture and post it on your favourite social media channel with the hashtag #SpotTheNEWT. Simply by posting within your ideal social media avenue, a task which the majority of us do on a daily basis, you will be entered to win a weekly $50 Starbucks gift card. However, it doesn’t end there – this will also give you the chance to win the $500 grand prize!

Newt cab











It’s simple, help us spread the word about NEWT and you could be enjoying Starbucks on us.

For more information, check out NEWT’s Twitter feed @newt4business.

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What businesses can learn from ‘DeflateGate’

DeflateGateWhen the story first broke that the NFL’s New England Patriots could have been tampering with the pressures of the footballs they used in the AFC Championship game, the general reaction was pretty much universal: They were guilty.

Such is the reputation the football dynasty had earned over the years for either taking shortcuts with the rules or at least playing them fast and loose. However this was the AFC championship game that propelled them into the Super Bowl, a game which they eventually, (amazingly really), won.

During the Super Bowl preamble quarterback, and soon to be game MVP, Tom Brady denied any involvement or even knowledge of ‘DeflateGate’, saying, “I didn’t alter the ball in any way.”
Today, that is no longer in doubt. He knew about it, and was involved in it.

“Based on the evidence developed in connection with the investigation and summarized in this Report, we have concluded that it is more probable than not that New England Patriots personnel participated in violations of the NFL Playing Rules and were involved in a deliberate attempt to circumvent those rules,” the report, released Wednesday, said.

As a result the Patriots have, while not fully accepting responsibility, caved to the investigation and spoke out through a statement from team owner Robert Kraft – who originally insisted the NFL should apologize when the Patriots were found to have done nothing wrong:

“Knowing that there is no real recourse available, fighting the league and extending this debate would prove to be futile. We understand and greatly respect the responsibility of being one of 32 in this league and, on that basis, we will accept the findings of the report and take the appropriate actions based on those findings as well as any discipline levied by the league.”

Crisis Management Poorly Handled

When the news first broke all the Patriots did was deny, deny, deny. They refused to even entertain that they could be guilty of anything. They ridiculed the media from the podium labelling them as “doubters” and “haters.”

That flat out denial only fed the media’s flames of suspicion leading the league to initiate their own investigation; the results of which released today will be devastating to the team and their star player’s reputations forever.

In other words, it went from bad… to worst case scenario.

What the Patriots should have done was to act quickly and be honest. They should have initiated their own thorough and independent investigation and once they found out the truth, or even some suspicions that something was up, been open about it. They should have owned the issue, been completely transparent during the process and accepted all responsibility.

The public perception of being strong and sincere gets you past a crisis much faster than obfuscation and denial.  Now the New England Patriots are the poster boys of disastrous crisis management – amongst other things.

All organizations can learn from their lesson. No company is perfect. No company can avoid issues with their products or services. Yet, every company can manage their problems in a professional manner. When faced with a crisis and in doubt of what to do, perhaps the best question they should ask themselves is, “What would the Patriots do?”

And then do the exact opposite.


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The Impact of the Fibernetics Culture Being Noticed

Culture is essential within any workplace. Happy and satisfied employees are usually more productive and efficient. Although research has statistics to back this up, not too many individuals have experienced the first-hand power that a change in culture can bring to the workplace like Fibernetics President, John Stix.

John’s passion about his employees oozes out of him on a daily basis, and his actions have made a significant impact. These drastic, yet positive, changes have not gone unnoticed, which is why Canadian Business magazine has developed the Happy Office Project. Their aim is to attain a positive work environment and they have begun to analyze the depths of employee satisfaction through Fibernectics Ventures’ Plasticity Labs App.

To read the full article outlining the details of the Happy Office Project or to learn about the advantageous culture implemented by John Stix, please visit Fibernetics.


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NEWT Kicks off Real Estate Referral Program

Fibernetics CEO Jody Schnarr explains the NEWT business model

Fibernetics CEO Jody Schnarr explains the NEWT business model

Recommendations. A word which sounds so formal but one which is consistent through our daily lives. No matter what the topic, we are referred to try various places, products, and services which people think are of value or will benefit us.

In regards to this natural behaviour, NEWT Business Services, is just like you and me. NEWT reached out to local real estate agents within the Tri-Cities area and Tuesday night connected with them during a fun evening filled with good conversation, food and of course, a refreshment or two. NEWT hosted this event to signify the beginning of the Real Estate Referral Program, one which will see a strong, professional relationship established between the employees at NEWT and local real estate agents.

The event was a success as NEWT was able to work on building relationships with dedicated professionals within the local community. The NEWT staff had an enjoyable experience, learning from and interacting with all in attendance.

NEWT_RENEWT would like to officially thank everyone who attended the event and to the restaurant, Borealis Grille & Bar, for providing a perfect atmosphere and excellent food.

If you are a commercial real estate agent within the Tri-Cities region, and happened to miss the event, have no fear.

Getting involved is simple, please contact NEWT’s Marketing Manager, Christine Brisson, at for more information.

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