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Fibernetics Team enjoys Blue Jays BBQ Event

Fibernetics, the parent company of NEWT, held a fun filled BBQ event with a Blue Jays theme on Wednesday, September 23rd. Not only was the organization supporting the local Major League Baseball team, with many employees dressed up in their best Blue Jays’ game day attire, but the proceeds generated from this BBQ were donated to the SickKids foundation. Ball park hot dogs were on the menu for this BBQ, with toppings galore. The combinations of protein and various condiments were picturesque (see below).

At the end of the day, over $400 was raised. Fibernetics is proud to be able to help such an outstanding charity organization.

The culture at Fibernetics is not only unique, but it places a large emphasis on employees.The workplace environment offers employees the chance to enjoy each day at work, while enhancing creativity throughout the organization through constant collaboration and teamwork.

Read the full story on the Fibernetics page and learn more about the culture and company mantra here.


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Fibernetics Wins Best Employer Branding at the 2015 Canadian HR Awards

Fibernetics, the parent company of NEWT, was filled with feelings of joy and pride last Thursday when it was announced that the organization had won for Best Employer Branding at the Canadian HR Awards. This prestigious event took place at the Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex in Toronto and throughout the night, 17 organizational and individual awards were handed out. Over 600 leaders within the HR industry attended this event as it recognized the dedication and accomplishments of various groups and individuals within the HR profession.

Fibernetics was ecstatic when, leading up to the event, it was announced that they were nominated as a finalist in the category of Best Employer Branding. Fibernetics was nominated alongside the Keg Restaurants, Molson Coors, Tigris Incorporated, and Traction on Demand.

The “I’m In” company mantra, which helped lead Fibernetics to win the award, was developed in June 2014 and has helped to bring the organization to new heights.

You can read the full story on this great success here.

HR awards

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NEWT Ecstatic With Results From Customer Survey

“We need to talk”. A phrase which can create a striking sensation of fear within many individuals, however, often a conversation which is needed. It all comes down to feedback, or constructive criticism, a way in which one voice or many voices are identifying a problem that, if fixed, can lead to even greater individual or organizational success. As Bill Gates states, “we all need people who will gives us feedback. That’s how we improve”. This is the exact reason NEWT, the business division of Fibernetics, decided to conduct an anonymous customer questionnaire.

NEWT created a short survey and offered customers the opportunity to participate and give their honest feedback about the products, services, and support offered through NEWT. The survey was open and available for current NEWT clients to take for a one month period.  At the conclusion of the survey, it was determined that NEWT had received over 200 individual responses! Now the real question was, how can we better serve our customers?

The results truly speak for themselves, showing that NEWT customers are delighted with the value that is obtained through the products and services offered. For instance, 91% of customers said that they were satisfied with the services of NEWT.

And the good news didn’t stop here. NEWT, known for their excellent customer service, was delighted to discover that  97% of customers felt that their technical support representative was knowledgeable about their issue and efficiently able to solve the problem. 

As NEWT attempts to continue to grow its national presence, it was essential to determine how many clients were so satisfied with the system and services that they would suggest other business use it. The survey showed that  94% of current consumers would recommend the NEWT brand to help benefit other organizations.

The entire organization was extremely happy with the results of this customer questionnaire, however, NEWT will not stop there. As a company, we will continue to support our customers and ensure that all of their needs are exceeded.

Thank you to all of those who participated in the customer survey, and we look forward to continue to listen, communicate and deliver happiness and connections to all our customers on a daily basis.

Learn more about the NEWT Business Phone System and all of its perks here.


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Discover Opportunity at the Communitech Tech Jam Job Fair

Finding the right job isn’t an easy task. Certain skills are required based on the position in question, but, sometimes it just takes a little luck; being in the right place at the right time so to speak. Enter Communitech, the company responsible for offering job seekers the ultimate opportunity to connect with various tech and non-tech companies within the Waterloo Region.

The Communitech Tech Jam is a recruitment event occurring on Tuesday September 29th, 2015 which will be comprised of an exhibitor floor, networking lounge and pitch stage. Various companies will be present looking for bright minds to help grow their organizations.  However, this isn’t your regular job fair. This recruitment event will not only allow you to network with companies that match your interests, but these companies will actually be pitching to the job seekers, depicting exactly what they are searching for and how they define their ideal candidates.

Fibernetics, the parent company of NEWT, will be in attendance looking to meet ambitious, tech-savvy individuals that are ready to fully embrace the Fibernetics “I’m in” mantra, a statement which truly turns a company into a goal-oriented family.

To learn more about the potential job openings that Fibernetics is looking to fill, view the Fibernetics careers page.

Visit Bingemans Conference Centre in Kitchener on Tuesday, September 29th between 5pm-8pm to take advantage of the enormous potential this event has to offer.

Learn more about the details of the Communitech Tech Jam, or you can register for the event now here.

If you can’t make the event, don’t worry, you can also connect with Fibernetics at the Partnerships For Employers Job Fair for surrounding Universities on September 30th.

The Communitech Tech Jam, simplifying the job search and providing endless opportunities, we hope to see you there!


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Stay One Step Ahead With the Voicemail to Email Feature

In today’s fast moving society, business individuals often find themselves away from their desk, and due to this, important calls are missed. However, with the NEWT Voicemail to Email Feature, business professionals no longer need to worry about being unaware of missing an essential call.

When a voicemail is left, it is not only stored within your NEWT PBX, but can also be converted to a .wav file and emailed to a selected e-mail address. The audio file will allow the individual to listen to the message on a smartphone or computer.

This free feature provides numerous advantages for anyone involved in the non-stop business world. Business leaders and employees can now access their business from any location, helping to increase the efficiency and productivity of the entire organization.

Below is a short video describing how simple it is to use this feature.


Read more about other advanced features offered by NEWT here.


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