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A Communication Solution for Small Businesses

In the beginning stages of any business, entrepreneurs are searching for ways in which to increase their bottom line and reduce their overhead. Often, as a business is just getting its feet wet within its respective market, technological tools may be considered an unnecessary added expense. Most small businesses are in search of a realistic, cost-effective way to run their business. Frequently, it is assumed that advanced communication systems are only necessary for large enterprises. The needs of small businesses are not always catered to regarding office technology. To put that into perspective, of the one million Canadian businesses, 80% require four phone lines or less.

NEWT has an answer for small businesses that are tirelessly trying to find an efficient and cost-effective communication system. The NEWT Mini Managed PBX Phone System is tailored towards small sized companies. It provides up to four lines and six extensions, which is a much more realistic option for many companies and can be combined with Fibernetics’ unlimited Internet services to create a valuable business bundle. The NEWT Mini provides businesses with the same quality and 80+ features as the larger NEWT PBX phone system, like Direct Inward Dial, Voicemail to Email and more. However, this system is customized for organizations that are looking for a more practical solution.

NEWT understands that even the NEWT Mini may be unreasonable for an organization in the very beginning stages of development. Therefore, NEWT also offers the Small Business Bundle. The small business bundle includes two business phone lines, high-speed business Internet and a modem.

NEWT not only offers a reliable product, but it is also one that can help many organizations save time and money, while adding a phone system that provides both simplicity and efficiency. NEWT will aid the productivity of your organization, while giving business owners the opportunity to focus strictly on enhancing their brand. As your business flourishes, NEWT, being a fully managed and scalable product, will easily adjust to the needs of your ever-growing organization.

For more information on the NEWT Mini or the Small Business Bundle, please call 1-888-996-6398.


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Harness The Power Of Your Managed PBX With The NEWT Contact Centre

In a world that is constantly evolving, sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with the trend. All businesses want to ensure that they have the most advanced technology so that they can efficiently manage their company and provide for their consumers. However, many organizations are bombarded with a high volume of consumer information daily, much of which can be difficult and complicated to track. Often, the thought of adding a call centre has been unrealistic due to the high expense. Now, with VoIP and Hybrid solutions, contact centres can be setup using a cloud based feature, helping to eliminate high setup and maintenance costs.

The NEWT Contact Centre is a reliable, cloud-based service which is not only fully scalable to the size of your business but one which can help to increase sales by ensuring customer satisfaction and retention. Customer loyalty is essential as it costs 6–7 times more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one (Bain & Company). Also, ensuring customer’s problems are resolved quickly and effectively can greatly enhance a company’s bottom line. On average, loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase (Salesforce, 2015).

Many problems that call centres experience can be eliminated using the extensive, conventional features that the NEWT Contact Centre service has to offer. For example, due to legal and government regulations, call centres are required to delete specific information like credit card records and personal consumer information. The NEWT Contact Centre offers a “Purge” feature which ensures that information will be deleted and will not be accessible after a specific date set by the organization.

This system provides features which can streamline many processes within a business. The cloud based element allows for an organization to create a customer centric environment through a virtual contact centre accessible at any time. This technology also has the capabilities to deliver powerful reports which examine agent and queue summaries and issues like abandoned calls. These reports can help management teams locate specific problems and develop solutions to enhance the success of the entire corporation.

The NEWT Managed PBX in combination with the NEWT Contact Centre service allows a business to focus on its growth and development, while this advanced business phone system along with its features eliminates and simplifies many tedious tasks.

Learn more about the NEWT Managed PBX and the NEWT Contact Centre or contact 1-888-996-6398 for further information.

NEWT contact centre

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NEWT Teams Up With Operation Christmas Child

Life in general is all about giving and helping others whenever we can, this is especially true during the holidays. This Christmas season, NEWT is working with Operation Christmas Child to help bring smiles to children all across the globe.

The NEWT team visited the home of Operation Christmas Child in Kitchener and spoke with OCC’s Paula Schneider. OCC provides gift boxes for children containing daily necessities like gloves and school supplies, as well as toys and dolls to play with. These packages have been put together with love and care by many individuals and now, the OCC’s Kitchener site is where the final inspection occurs before the boxes are shipped out. This inspection is essential to ensure that the packages comply with customs regulations and rules so that the delivery of these gift boxes are not delayed.

7,000 volunteers are involved in this process to bring the spirit of Christmas to children worldwide. Please watch the video below to learn more. You can find out more about Operation Christmas Child and how to get involved here.

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Habitat For Humanity Finds Extensive Value Within The NEWT Business Phone System

Habitat for Humanity Grey Bruce strives to build hope and they promote optimism on a daily basis through their messaging and their work. Like in many industries, communication with the public is essential, this is especially true for the non-profit sector of business. For this reason, Habitat for Humanity Grey Bruce was searching to enhance their phone system to help increase the overall efficiency of the entire organization.

John McLaughlin, Partnership Coordinator at Habitat for Humanity, sat down with the NEWT team to discuss why the organization decided to utilize the NEWT PBX to satisfy all of their communication needs.

Since 1987, the mission of this organization has been to fight the cycle of poverty by providing affordable housing for low-income families. Due to this, employees and volunteers with the Habitat for Humanity are constantly on the go to accomplish daily and weekly goals. The NEWT PBX helped to streamline the communication throughout the organization by providing connectivity to the three remote locations of the business. Other features like Call Forwarding and Voicemail to E-mail have allowed John and other employees to stay up-to-date on various business matters regardless of their current location.

John believes that the NEWT solution helped to add flexibility to the business that their previous phone system was unable to do, simplifying the internal and external communication process.

Due to John’s positive experience with the NEWT staff and the value he has found within the business phone system itself, he would recommend the NEWT PBX in an instant. “I wouldn’t have any problem recommending NEWT, especially with the support staff, they have done a great job, when we encountered something because we were unfamiliar, they were right there to help”.

Watch the full testimonial video featuring John HERE.

Learn more about the NEWT PBX and its features here or please call 1-888-996-6398 for further information.

Habitat for Humanity

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Workplace Happiness Brings Extensive Value To Any Organization

As anonymously but beautifully stated “success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life, it’s about what you inspire others to do”. Fibernetics, the parent company of NEWT, is living and breathing this way of life everyday through their President, John Stix.

A recent article titled The Value of Happiness in the Workplace written by expert career consultant, Patricia Polischuk, outlines how John is not only teaching but motivating others within the business world. The article describes the sad truth about workplace culture; many leaders discuss its importance but do not act in a way which reinforces their verbal beliefs. “Unfortunately, the term ‘lip service’ comes to mind time and time again…Mission and value statements are mounted on the wall but ask employees if they feel their leaders live by those words and you will hear a resounding no.”

However, it has become evident to many that John embodies his beliefs, so much that his passion oozes out of him when working towards creating the best possible culture for the employees at Fibernetics.

Although extremely inspirational, John’s story was not straightforward and easy. The Fibernetics of today is one full of positive evolution, success and growth. However, this was not always the way, there were times of struggle for Fibernetics in the past, and this is what sparked the entrepreneurial mind of John. He knew that Fibernetics needed a change, yet he understood that impacting an entire organization would be a difficult task. Fast forward to the present, and Fibernetics is one of the fastest-growing companies filled with talented, creative and happy employees. The “I’m In!” mantra now resonates throughout the business and a new set of core values have helped take the employees and the company as a whole to new heights.

Patricia Polischuk explains the value within John’s culture presentations, as he not only talks the talk but also walks the walk. Other HR leaders had this to say about John:

It was wonderful to see a business owner impassioned by meeting the emotional, spiritual, and social needs of his team.  It is rare to see this with such incredible energy and focus.  And it is paying off in so many ways! By putting your people first, they in turn will put their customers first.  This is a commitment to making people’s work lives truly fulfilling”.

John has continued to present the value of culture across Canada to large audiences and continues to work towards spreading his message to the masses.

You can read the full article written by Patricia Polischuk here.

Learn more about John Stix by visiting his website, and find out more about the Fibernetics culture here.

value of happiness

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Fibernetics Culture Celebration 2.0 Happening Tomorrow

Corporate culture is a hotly discussed topic. Ensuring employee satisfaction does not only aid each individual working for your organization on an individual basis, but it also helps the bottom line of the business. A positive work environment helps to foster creativity and innovation, two factors which can make a business dominant within their respective market.

Fibernetics, the parent company of NEWT, introduced the “I’m In!” mantra to switch the culture vibe that was appearing to seep into the organization. This culture change was not an easy thing to implement, it took dedication and time, but because of it Fibernetics has evolved and experienced extensive growth. To celebrate the original culture transformation, Fibernetics hosted a culture event to announce their new core values: innovation, accountability, just do it and find the solution, trust, teamwork, and happiness.

Now, Fibernetics Culture Celebration 2.0 is occurring tomorrow to honour and recognize the employees, the company culture and many great individual and group achievements.

Culture truly can inspire and motivate an entire organization; the positive impact it has had on Fibernetics is proof.

Learn about the Fibernetics culture and read more about this amazing event HERE.

I'm in

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John Stix IMA Leader Podcast breaks new ground on Workplace Culture

John Stix, the President of Fibernetics, the parent company of NEWT, spoke at the #IMPACT15 conference and dazzled the audience with his speech. John discussed his experience and knowledge within the field of workplace culture and how a positive work environment can help guide an organization to greater success.

John continued to share his expertise within the culture field through the IMA Leader Podcast Series which was hosted by Dominick Sirianni, Vice President Interactive Education Internet Marketing Association.

The IMA is an internet marketing group that is continuing to grow rapidly, and it offers knowledge and insight from a wide range of business leaders.

During the IMA Podcast, John explains his involvement within culture and the importance of its presence within any corporation.

You can read the full article and listen to part one of the IMA Podcast featuring John HERE.


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John Stix to Keynote the Toronto Agile Conference

The 7th Annual Agile Conference is being held today at the Hilton Toronto. The Toronto Agile Community hosts this event to provide information, insight and industry knowledge that can help benefit all attendees.

The conference not only consists of seven various educational sessions, it also gives all those in attendance a great opportunity to network with other business leaders. Individuals will learn about the practical implementation of Agile methodologies as well as the latest news and trends regarding agile practices.

This year, the theme the event will be focusing on is “The Agile Workplace”, in hopes to continue to spread the importance of great corporate culture.

Fibernetics President, John Stix, will be closing out the conference with a presentation titled “Change your workplace culture and experience a chain reaction”. John truly believes in a work environment that aids employees not only in attaining happiness, but one which encourages creativity and passion, ultimately helping the company flourish. John has done this through his “I’m In!” initiative which helped bring Fibernetics as a whole to new heights.

For more information about the Agile Conference, please visit TorontoAgileCommunity.org.

Learn more about Fibernetics, and their culture initiative here.

Toronto Agile Community

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Fibernetics President asked to Speak to 1M globally to further spread the word about Workplace Culture and Empowerment

After John Stix’s outstanding performance as the keynote speaker at the recently completed #IMPACT15 conference, the largest digital marketing gathering in North America, he has now been invited to speak to the entire Internet Marketing Association’s membership on the organization’s podcast.

This podcast provides insight from thought leaders throughout the industry and offers various tips and ideas to listeners on how to be more effective in the modern marketing world.

John will continue his mission to spread the importance of workplace culture through the IMA Leader Podcast series. John has been dedicated to introducing organizations to ways in which to create positive work environments and not only help employees flourish, but aid the whole company in achieving its goals.

Stay tuned for The IMA Leader Podcast which will air in the next few weeks.

To read the full article visit the Fibernetics page.

Learn more about the IMA here.

ima podcast 3

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John Stix forms exciting partnership in Canada with Shawn Achor

Happiness is a feeling people urge to feel, yet, for many people it is a difficult thing to find at their workplace. Astonishingly, only 13% of workers worldwide feel engaged while on the job. Further research has shown that twice as many individuals are dissatisfied with their jobs compared to those that are happy and engaged.

Positive Psychology researcher and speaker, Shawn Achor, and the President of Fibernetics, John Stix, are two dedicated and passionate individuals that have formed a strategic partnership to accomplish one sole mission: raise the awareness of the positive impact of workplace happiness and help organizations to create a more engaging and satisfying experience for employees.

The award winning “I’m In!” culture initiative introduced by John Stix has shown his desire to encourage positivity at work and how happy, passionate employees are more productive and effective ones.

This partnership is very exciting and John Stix, with the help of Shawn Achor, author of Before Happiness, can continue to spread his message about the importance of workplace culture to a broader audience.

To read the full article about this thrilling announcement, please visit the Fibernetics page.

Learn more about Shawn Achor or his company, Good Think Inc. here.

For more information on John Stix and his culture mission, visit JohnStix.ca.


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