Canadian ISP: How NOT To Go About Your Business

Canadian ISPWe weren’t even sure if we should post this, but considering the source, one of the most respected commentators on Canadian telecom in the country, CanadianISP‘s Marc Bissonnette, we figured, if it’s good enough for him…

From Canadian ISP’s Facebook Page:

So get this:

My best friend calls Rogers to get a cable connection: He’s gone through several of the smaller independents for DSL and they simply could not provide what he needs for his business that he runs out of a home office.

He does his research and finds that Rogers offers exactly what he needs – the dedicated IPs, the available speed and bandwidth and, as a business package, he’s okay with the doubled price of residential. They’ve checked that the service is available in the area, there are no issues with signal strength or infrastructure availability.

So, after talking to the sales rep, he says “OK, let’s get this set up” – Sales rep says “Sure, let’s start with your billing info” –

My friend gives the installation address and the Rogers drone says “I’m sorry, but we can’t set this up here”.

My friend: “Umm, why not ? We just confirmed that it IS available here”

Rogers drone: “Well yes, but this is a residence”

Friend: “Yes, my business is run out of my residence – that is why I am asking for a business package and paying business rates”

Rogers drone: “True, but this is for small business”

Friend: “(sigh) Yes, we’ve established that: I am a small business”

Rogers drone: (Unbelievable statement #1): “Yes, but you are too small a business”

Friend: “You have got to be kidding me, right ? What is the real deal, here ?”

Rogers drone: (Unbelievable statement #2) “Well, it’s our policy because we don’t want residential users abusing the service”

Friend: “You’re kidding, right ? This is a joke ? This line was actually re-routed to my friend Marc’s house and you’re yanking my chain, right ? I am PAYING DOUBLE for business services – How could I POSSIBLY be “abusing” this ?”

Rogers drone: “I’m sorry, sir, but there is absolutely nothing that can be done. Have a nice day”

<Slap forehead. With a stick of dynamite>


Jeesh. We hope Marc’s friend gives us a call as we should be able to take care of him. At NEWT we have business services packages available for the smallest start-ups or home offices, starting as low as $69.95/month, with our Small Business Bundle, to more robust systems like NEWT Mini, all the way to enterprise and multi-location organizations with the NEWT Managed PBX.

So Marc, if you read this, tell your pal to drop by the NEWT Website or give us a call at 1 (866) 293-0105 anytime.

We’ll take his call, and help him with his business.

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