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Holiday Features

NEWT Holiday Features

With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s time to start preparing your organization for the upcoming season.

While everyone is away from the office, you will want to ensure that customers stay informed and all messages are received. Here are three ways the NEWT Managed PBX can help your company during the holiday season.

Holiday and Alternate Auto Attendant Message

Of all the great features that make a modern hosted phone system superior, tHoliday Callinghe most important one for people looking to have a flexible schedule during the holidays is Auto Attendant.

The Auto Attendant feature can be used for anything from a simple greeting to call forwarding. Calls can easily be routed with a holiday-specific greeting via the Alternate Auto Attendant Message. This feature allows organizations to pre-record Holiday Greetings and office closures while having the ability to toggle between holiday recordings and the normal day-to-day auto attendant recordings.

Time of Day Scheduling provides the option to schedule Auto Attendants to customize how calls reach your business based on the time of day and day of the week. For example, a company may usually prefer callers reach a live receptionist during the day, but during the holidays they want to provide a self-serve Auto Attendant option.

Sound File Management

Season’s greetings and holiday music are perfect for enhancing the on-hold caller experience. The Sound File Management feature allows customers to upload and assign audio files for On Hold Messaging and Automated Attendant menus. Plan your On-Hold messaging and music early to remind your customers that you appreciate and value their business and wish them the very best during the holiday season.

Voicemail Enhancements

Holiday VoicemailWith your holiday greeting in place and your auto attendant configured, it’s important to ensure that you won’t miss any messages. When your auto attendant routes calls to voicemail, messages will be delivered to a user via email. The Voicemail Message Alert feature will notify them that they have an unread message waiting in their extension’s voicemail inbox and Visual Voicemail will allow users the ability to view, listen and delete multiple voicemail messages at one time.

Messages are stored in the NEWT Cloud and can be converted to a .wav file and emailed to a specific email address, which can then be listened to on a computer or Smartphone.

Whether you are away from the office for a few days or a few weeks, NEWT Managed PBX can help you stay connected to your clients over the holiday season. To learn more, visit

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PBX for Realtors

5 Reasons Why NEWT is the Right Choice for Realtors

One of the biggest challenges real estate firms are facing today is keeping up with modern technology. PBX (Private Branch Exchange) solutions can help real estate agencies gain a competitive edge and maintain fast and efficient communication with clients.

If you’re ready to bring your connection out of the stone age – or perhaps you’re tired of expensive and complicated systems, then this real estate guide will shine a light on what you should be looking for in a business phone system.

Why Hybrid Cloud Phone System is the Perfect Choice

1. Mobility

Nearly a third of all real estate agents spend more time working outside of the office. While email and text messages are easily accessible through a handheld device, realtors reported that 91% of their communication with clients is done by telephone.

Find Me, Follow Me and Direct Inward System Access (DISA) allows for integration with mobile devices and will enable employees to make calls from their mobile phones as if they were calling from the office.

2. Client Experience

Home buyers are looking for real estate Real Estate Agentagents who are responsive and up-to-speed on new technology. A report from the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) found that when communicating with their agent, recent buyers found it essential that their agent calls them personally.

Most clients prefer to talk on the phone so, it only makes sense that realtors can be reached seamlessly on their mobile device. To ensure critical calls are never missed, NEWT routes calls from office phones to mobile devices, helping realtors stay connected to their clients.

3. Flexibility

Finding a scalable system with the flexibility to grow as quickly and proficiently with the company can be a challenge for many realtors, especially when companies have offices in multiple locations. Traditional phone systems can be a point of frustration for realtors and clients. Moving effortlessly from properties to the office is essential for callers and staff.

Not only does NEWT help with multi-site companies, but it also helps companies of all sizes keep up with continually evolving technology and keep team members within the same phone system. NEWT Managed PBX is easy to manage and update, allowing realtors to add and remove functionality and users as needed – without the hassle.

4. Easy to ManageNEWT Attendant Console

Using outdated analog phone systems can be complicated and inconvenient. Trying to manage, change settings, or update an outdated system can be complicated and a strain on productivity.

NEWT can make it easier to manage from a technical standpoint. Features such as the NEWT Attendant Console improve call management by increasing visibility of extensions and calls to your company.

5. Cost

Every business is looking for ways to increase profit and cut down on costs, but not at the expense of quality. PBX systems are known for being cost-effective and high-quality – two things any realtor and savvy businessperson strives for.

NEWT is fully-managed, with an all-included feature set. NEWT clients have seen up to an 80% reduction in their monthly telecom expenses by eliminating the cost of business phone lines.

What’s Next

Are you ready for reliable communication that is fully-managed and easy to use? NEWT can ensure that you’re always connected and never miss an important call. Contact us today to speak with a product specialist.

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Summer Features

Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy Summer Vacation with NEWT

Ah, summer. A time for relaxation and release from the clutches of winter. Whether you’re embracing the warm weather or taking a vacation, summer is the perfect time to step out of the office.

Disconnecting entirely while on vacation is easier said than done – if you have a crucial role within an organization, it may be difficult to remove yourself. However, it is essential for any busy bee like yourself to take a break.

NEWT offers over 70 unique and convenient features to simplify your telecom needs, making it easier to go on vacation with peace of mind. Here are 5 NEWT Business features you can use to maximize your vacation and stay connected.

Top 5 Vacation Features

1. Find Me Follow Me
Are you ever concerned about missing a call while you’re sipping a cold beverage at the cottage? As we all know, a missed opportunity can be lost dollars, and a voicemail may not suffice depending on the caller. With the Find Me Follow Me feature, never miss an urgent call. Find Me Follow Me will ensure that no matter where you are, customers can contact you seamlessly. This feature enables incoming calls to “find me” and deliver them to any location, while “follow me” provides the ability to receive calls at any assigned number. Forward your calls to multiple numbers simultaneously, including office extensions, home phones and cell phones.

2. Holiday/Alternate Auto Attendant Message
If you’re heading out of the office for a trip to the Bahamas or a soul-searching journey through the mountains, Holiday/Alternate Auto Attendant Message will allow you to pre-record alternate greetings and office closures. This feature also gives you the ability to toggle between the Holiday/Alternate Recording and the Normal Day-to-Day Auto Attendants recording.

3. Enhanced Conference Bridge
Listen in or participate in important calls while Cellyou’re away on vacation with the Enhanced Conference Bridge feature. NEWT Managed PBX provides a free hosted cloud-based conference bridge service with an extensive moderator set including, listen only, leadership role, participant status view, mute/unmute of participants and disconnect participants. Whether you’re in a car, a plane, or paragliding in the Caribbean, you can still check into your company’s weekly meetings without missing a beat.

4. Call Detailed Records (CDR)
From catching up on paperwork, emails, and putting out office fires, getting back from a vacation can be pretty hectic. NEWT can help solve a few of those issues. Call Detailed Records gives you the ability to view inbound and outbound calls per extension (or all expansions), for a specified time frame. This feature is available on the PBX interface in near-real time for local and long-distance calls.

5. Voicemail
It may seem like a typical feature, but voicemail is essential to any phone system especially when you are away from the office. Each PBX Extension can be assigned a dedicated voicemail box. Messages are stored in the NEWT Cloud with no limits regarding the number of messages that can be saved. Also, they can be saved as MP3s! When desired, each voicemail can be saved as an audio file and sent straight to your email, removing the hassle of remembering that pesky voicemail password. Standard Voicemail Features include saving messages, forwarding messages, temporary greetings and message folders.

Stay Connected


With NEWT, you’ll no longer have to worry about missing anything crucial while away from the office. So, sit back, relax and enjoy your summer vacation.

To learn more about NEWT call 1-888-996-6398 or visit our website at

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Habitat For Humanity Finds Extensive Value Within The NEWT Business Phone System

Habitat for Humanity Grey Bruce strives to build hope and they promote optimism on a daily basis through their messaging and their work. Like in many industries, communication with the public is essential, this is especially true for the non-profit sector of business. For this reason, Habitat for Humanity Grey Bruce was searching to enhance their phone system to help increase the overall efficiency of the entire organization.

John McLaughlin, Partnership Coordinator at Habitat for Humanity, sat down with the NEWT team to discuss why the organization decided to utilize the NEWT PBX to satisfy all of their communication needs.

Since 1987, the mission of this organization has been to fight the cycle of poverty by providing affordable housing for low-income families. Due to this, employees and volunteers with the Habitat for Humanity are constantly on the go to accomplish daily and weekly goals. The NEWT PBX helped to streamline the communication throughout the organization by providing connectivity to the three remote locations of the business. Other features like Call Forwarding and Voicemail to E-mail have allowed John and other employees to stay up-to-date on various business matters regardless of their current location.

John believes that the NEWT solution helped to add flexibility to the business that their previous phone system was unable to do, simplifying the internal and external communication process.

Due to John’s positive experience with the NEWT staff and the value he has found within the business phone system itself, he would recommend the NEWT PBX in an instant. “I wouldn’t have any problem recommending NEWT, especially with the support staff, they have done a great job, when we encountered something because we were unfamiliar, they were right there to help”.

Watch the full testimonial video featuring John HERE.

Learn more about the NEWT PBX and its features here or please call 1-888-996-6398 for further information.

Habitat for Humanity

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NEWT hits the trade show trail

NEWT Trade show

Christine Brisson and Andrew Derayeh in Windsor

Christine Brisson joined the Fibernetics team at the beginning of the year to lead the NEWT marketing team and support our sales crew. Her background in various industries, from fashion to golf to telecom, have left her with a skill set that enables her to communicate with Canadian business people. She can educate them about the benefits of NEWT when it comes to improving their operations, staff and vendor communications and the all important lead and customer management.

Part of her role with NEWT is to take the NEWT story on the road. Christine and her marketing team are going to criss-cross Canadian markets with their NEWT booths letting business people know precisely why they should switch to NEWT and just how much they can save on their monthly overhead.

“NEWT is very happy to be out IN the market. Trade shows make for seamless B2B introductions and from one quick conversation, NEWT learns what Canadian businesses are really looking for in a phone system.”

Upcoming Trade shows (tentative):

    • April Windsor-Essex – Regional After Business Tradeshow
    • Guelph – Tabletop Tradeshow
    • June London CC – Business Expo
    • May Greater Niagara CC – Business Expo
    • September Brantford-Brant
    • Ajax-Pickering – Business Expo
    • Peterborough – Prosperity Tradeshow
    • October Greater K/W CC, Guelph CC, Cambridge CC – Business Expo
    • Burlington – Small Business Showcase

NEWT is focusing on trade shows run by local chambers and our previous experience has demonstrated just how impactful these one-on-one interactions can be. In 2015 look for Christine and her team at your local chamber trade show and learn why you should consider switching to NEWT this year.

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NEWT Changes Canadian Telecom again: Introducing NEWT One

newtsiptrunchbannerWhen the technology and marketing group at Fibernetics got together in 2013 to come up with a new name for Fibernetics Business Services, they were directed to focus on the company’s core strengths. Reviewing the business phone solutions, the assorted Internet services and the innovative and unique business model, the solution to the naming problem was simple.

FBS, as it was then known, was providing a new way for Canadian businesses to get the latest communication technology and one that would help them reduce their monthly overhead dramatically.

“New” and “Technology” became “NEWT” and a new company name was born.

Introducing NEWT One

Gary HandlemanNEWT’s latest innovative product follows the same tradition. Developed by our Creative Technical Director, Gary Handelman, NEWT One was originally called “New Tone” while in project phase. The name is apropos as it delivers a new way to get dial tone to a client’s premise and provide telephony service regardless of their existing technology.

What NEWT One does

NEWT One provides a simple and cost effective way for businesses to migrate to Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) based voice services, replace their existing basic SIP Trunk service or to convert their legacy phone systems to VoIP. NEWT One provides a connection to the Fibernetics Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) network providing voice access to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and other value added services.


A SIP service, NEWT One as deployed is voice-bandwidth efficient, being able to carry 24 active calls with less than 700Kbps of access bandwidth. For NEWT One clients this equates to more concurrent PSTN call capacity with greater quality compared to other Canadian providers due to the unique design of the technology and solution. The NEWT One SIP Trunk includes Free Canada Wide Calling where On-net calling is available.*

Bringing Feature-Rich IP Telephony to Businesses Cheaply and Easily

Traditional phone lines are the same technology Alexander Graham Bell came up well over a century ago, and they are limiting for business because they are expensive. NEWT One allows companies to directly connect to the private and end-to-end managed Fibernetics CLEC network eliminating the need for costly phone lines.  NEWT One also provides enhanced dial tone that includes additional features that traditional dial tone does not provide. Organizations with legacy technology can benefit from advanced business telecom features like conference bridge, business continuity failover and auto-attendant.

Simple to install and operate, NEWT One is a plug-and-play way for organizations to upgrade their business communications and it’s all supported by NEWT’s award winning 24/7 customer care.

For more information on NEWT One and what it can do for your business, please visit the NEWT One webpage.

*On-net covers 80 percent of the population and most major cities and surrounding areas in Canada.

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NEWT Strategy Meeting Slideshow

The NEWT sales and strategy meeting held at the new NEWT sales office this week has everyone at the business services division of Fibernetics completely energized and looking forward to a fantastic 2015.

Collectively we’re looking to change Canadian telecom this year by showing more organizations than ever before that they can benefit from the latest in business communications technology, while lowering their operational overhead at the same time.

If you are looking to upgrade your business phone system in 2015 please visit the NEWT Website or give us a call at 1 (888) 996-6398.

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NEWT Sales Team Expands in 2015

NEWT Sales Team

President John Stix welcomes the new NEWT sales team to their new office at 200 Bathurst in Waterloo, Ontario

The last few years for NEWT have been the best in the history of the company. Exponential growth was realized from 2013 to 2014 and 2015 is already projected to top them both dramatically.

But CEO Jody Schnarr and President John Stix, in their strategic discussions at years end, decided that despite the fantastic numbers they were seeing, the products and services NEWT had to offer should be doing better. NEWT should be leading the Canadian business telecommunications industry because our products and services are disruptive to the point that organizations would be making a mistake by going with anyone else. John said, “NEWT has an amazing product, and the market is ready now.”

“NEWT has an amazing product, and the market is ready NOW.”

The evidence they were looking at was convincing.  First, the technology. NEWT has been built on a foundation of innovation. Channeling the CEO’s innate need to stir things up, our products and services are specifically designed and packaged to change the status quo in Canadian telecom. The NEWT business phone system is a revolutionary product for Canadian business. Built on a managed platform, the system continues to evolve and improve seamlessly over time. It allows organizations to maximise efficiencies, improve their customers service, ramp sales and manage leads by leveraging NEWT’s enterprise feature set and the maximized uptime.

Second, the offering. NEWT works with customers to bring a customized solution to solve their individual business needs, both from a technology and finance perspective. That is followed by the installation process focusing on making it as painless as possible, then provides industry leading training and award winning customer care. That’s the reason we enjoy a 99.7% retention rate.

Finally, the people. NEWT operates under the overriding  “I’m In!” corporate culture introduced by our president John Stix. The teammates at NEWT are committed to providing the single best customer experience in the industry. Our purpose is “To deliver happiness and connections everyday by being awesome.” That’s why we are in business.

In 2015 it’s time for NEWT to grow

That’s why the new, expanded NEWT sales team has moved, as of today, to our new 20k sq ft facility in Waterloo at 200 Bathurst Drive.

NEWT Sales office - 20k Sq ft at 200 Bathurst Drive in Waterloo, Ontario

NEWT Sales office – 20k Sq ft at 200 Bathurst Drive in Waterloo, Ontario

We are very excited about the prospects for this year, principally because our history has proven that NEWT helps our clients dramatically improve their business communications while saving them up to 80% on their telecom expenses.

To properly service the marketplace, NEWT has doubled the sales team and they are on site at their new state-of-the-art facility getting the word out and are ready to take your call.

If you are are looking to upgrade your business phone, a business phone system that continuously upgrades itself, please drop by the NEWT Website or give us a call at 1 (888) 996-6398.




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Polycom Awards NEWT Platinum Partner Status

Polycon Platinum

Brad Fischer, director of product management and Mike Brown, VP Marketing accept the Platinum Partner Status award from Polycom’s Glen Bevcar.

NEWT, Canada’s choice for business communications, is happy to announce they have been recognized as a Platinum Partner by Polycom. The global leader in unified communications solutions, Polycom has more than two decades of innovation and over 800 technology patents that underline their mission to push business collaboration forward. The NEWT Managed PBX Business Phone System has been optimized to work with Polycom VVX®, SoundPoint® IP and SoundStation® IP phones, implementing Polycom’s unified communication and collaboration solutions in complex customer environments.

Having NEWT designated with Platinum Partner Status is a testimony to the mutually beneficial ongoing partnership between the two telecom technology leaders.

From Polycom:

Good Morning Fibernetics,

It is with great pride that I send to you the official welcoming to Polycom Choices Platinum Metal Status.

On behalf of Polycom, I want to congratulate the entire Fibernetics team and thank you for your dedication, tenacity, partnership and friendship. I take great pleasure in my weekly visits to your office; seeing the charisma of a team that is making a difference and making sure I am adding the Polycom spirit to your “I’M IN” Corporate Mantra.

As anticipated, 2014 proved to be a great year for Fibernetics. The buzz in the competitive circles was that you were everywhere and winning business across the country…and this shows in the type of clients you acquired over the year. The partnerships you maintain and the continual tweaks you make to your teams, solutions, services and support it what has set you apart.

It’s without saying, 2015 will be an explosive year for VoIP and PBX in Canada and Fibernetics is well poised with the foundation it has set to takes its lion share of this growing market.

Congratulations once again, I look forward to being part of your continued success in 2015!!!

Glen Bevcar, Regional Sales Account Manager – Polycom


Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 10.29.20 AMThe Polycom Platinum Partner Status of Polycom’s Certification Program is designed to recognize and reward their top Partners—those who demonstrate technical expertise and achieve success in selling, supporting and servicing Polycom’s voice solution.

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NEWT Tone Suppression: Ending the Dreaded “ding, ding, ding’s”

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 2.48.37 PM

We’ve all been there. On a conference call or a webinar with lots and lots of participants, and every time someone joins in, “ding!” And then “ding – ding, ding – ding, ding, ding,” and it’s like that, on and off, for the duration of the call. It is, in a word, annoying.

We heard that at NEWT as well, and that’s why we’ve rolled out the latest free upgrade to the NEWT Managed PBX Business Phone System, “Tone Suppression for Enhanced Conference Bridge Moderators.”

It’s now a simple process to enable “Tone Suppression” for a bridge or bridges. Your conference will no longer notify all active participants in a conference call with an audible sound when a new individual joins or leaves the call.

To enable Tone Suppression:

  1. Access the Conference Bridge Tab of the NEWT Configuration Utility
  2. Locate the Bridge Name you want to enable Tone Suppression on then, place a check in the box under the column titled “Tone Suppression”
  3. Apply changes

That’s it. No more “dings” (if you don’t want them). This latest feature for our business phone solution has been rolled out to all NEWT customers automatically at no charge. That’s an added benefit of NEWT; the business phone system you buy today won’t be the same business phone system you have tomorrow, or next month, or next year. Always evolving and improving, NEWT promises to provide all the latest and greatest communication tools that modern business demands.

If you are not a NEWT client and are looking to upgrade your business phone, a business phone system that continuously upgrades itself, please drop by the NEWT Website or give us a call at 1 (888) 996-6398.


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