Why we Donate to the Cambridge Self Help Food Bank

Cambridge Self Help Foodbank

With 750lbs, lucky the driver had a trolley

At this time of year it seems especially important to think of others less fortunate than ourselves. Being part of the Cambridge community,  we here at FIbernetics, NEWT’s parent company, have an in-house contest to maximize the donation to the Cambridge Self Help Food bank.

Random teams hit the stores and bring in foodstuffs and other necessities that will help those in the area in need with the essentials, and hopefully allowing them to have an enjoyable holiday season.

I must confess that I thought of those who used the food bank as those who are truly suffering at society’s lowest levels, however I was surprised when I was buying my own food bank supplies at my local grocery store when the teller, a young lady around 25 or so, said, “I hope I see stuff like this when I go to the food bank.”

Clearly she noticed the surprised look on my face because she leaned in and said, “if I didn’t my kids wouldn’t get very good presents this year.”

There was no embarrassment on her part, just a statement of how the food bank helps make thing just a little bit easier. Something I didn’t understand, and something that made me even more enthusiastic about donating. I want back for another round of shopping.

According to their website, the Cambridge Self Help Food Bank offers food and support to people and community groups in need within Cambridge and North Dumfries. Encouraging self-reliance through programs and services, the Food Bank goes beyond simply providing food.

Their programs are designed to build skills that help people move out of the cycle of poverty. They offer a full range of programs within their facility including: the provision of Emergency Food Assistance, the Food Co-operative program, Infant, Youth, Adult and Seniors Program and Employment Readiness Programs.

It’s an awesome program run by awesome people, and their services, especially at this time of year are invaluable. This year the staff at Fibernetics donated over 750 lbs of much needed food and other household products, along with $180 in cash, something the food bank uses to buy items in bulk at especially great rates.

If you are interested in donating, please contact to the Cambridge Self Help Food Bank to learn how.

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