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The NEWT Contact Centre boosts sales, increases customer retention and improves the overall customer experience by adding a feature-rich inbound ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) solution to the NEWT Managed PBX, delivering advanced Contact Centre features and functionality designed to simplify management, improve customer experience, increase staff productivity, add real-time visibility and powerful reporting capabilities to the NEWT Managed PBX platform.  

  • Number of Queues
  • Number of Agents
  • Distributed Agents
  • Agent Skills-Based Routing
  • Advanced Call Routing
  • Call Recording
  • Reporting
  • Live Monitoring
  • Agent Control Panel
  • Work States
  • Call Disposition
  • Call Backs
  • Outbound Calling
  • Standard

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  • 10
  • Yes
  • Yes - Low, Medium & High
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  • Enterprise

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NEWT Contact Centre Testimonial

Standard Edition Details
Enterprise Edition Details
Enterprise Edition – Agent Control Panel

Flexible and Scalable

NEWT Contact Centre offers a robust ACD solution for any business. From nationally distributed Contact Centres with hundreds of agents, to small businesses with a handful of local staff that wish to enhance team efficiently and offer an improved customer experience, there’s a version to fit your needs that’s easy and affordable to scale by adding a single agent at a time.

Hosted ACD with Simplified Management

The solution is hosted from the NEWT Cloud, offering an easy to use GUI-based interface to manage your Contact Centre. With centralized management, this offers full visibility and control even if your agents are remotely distributed, and with the power of the NEWT Cloud, you can cost-effectively queue callers in the NEWT Cloud, requiring PBX lines only for active calls.

Advanced Call Routing

Full support for skills-based agent routing to ensure calls are prioritized and routed to the person most fit to address the caller’s needs. With support for queue weighting and advanced call routing algorithms such as Round-Robin, Ring All or Least Recent strategies, you have full control over how to intelligently route your inbound calls to increase agent productivity and offer the best possible caller experience.

Live Call Monitoring

A live monitor allows for administrative staff to have full visibility of their Contact Centre. With support for agent status with timers, queue activity to view key metrics such as calls waiting, in progress and completed, plus data such as agent talk times, average queue hold times, and visibility into abandoned calls, this real-time view is crucial for the effective management of an efficient Contact Centre.

On Hold and In-Queue Announcements

Customize your queues to provide custom On Hold messaging with intro, periodic and exit announcements and comfort music to callers on hold. Reduce the number of abandoned calls by offering approximate wait time and queue position messaging to callers.

Powerful Reporting with Call Recording

Reporting engine can provide same day and historical reporting filterable by date range, with the ability to report on one or more queues or specific agents. With support for various reports, including full Call Detail, Agent and Queue Summaries, and Abandoned call reporting, this provides a Contact Centre Manager with the power to successfully manage and effectively staff their Call Centre. Call Recording is standard and recordings are easily accessed, searched and listened to within the Reporting interface.

Designed for small business to large enterprise NEWT Managed PBX users, the NEWT Contact Centre Standard Edition offers advanced ACD features such as skills-based routing, a Live Call Monitor, advanced call routing algorithms, and full reporting. With support for up to 3 queues and 10 distributed agents, the Standard Edition version with satisfy most business ACD requirements, from those that require basic queueing and reporting, to more advanced Contact Centre deployments where agent/queue visibility, real-time management tools and full reporting are critical elements.

Additional Standard Edition Features

Call Listen / Call Coach

Contact Centre Managers can improve employee performance to ensure optimum customer service and support with the ability to listen to live agent calls and provide coaching assistance with one-way audio to an agent.

Skills-based Routing

Agents can be assigned to multiple queues with Low, Medium and High agent rankings per queue to ensure that callers are quickly routed to the staff member best equipped to address the needs of the caller. With added support for Queue-based weighting and advanced ring strategies, callers can be intelligently routed based on your unique requirements.

Bilingual Support

As with the NEWT Managed PBX solution, the Contact Centre supports full English and French language support, from the recordings to the GUI-based management interface.

The NEWT Contact Centre Enterprise Edition expands upon the proven Standard Edition platform by offering many advanced enterprise-grade features such as customizable agent Work States, Call Disposition, Call Backs, an enhanced Live Monitor and a web-based Agent Control Panel. Supporting an unlimited number of queues and distributed agents, with the ability to queue callers in the NEWT Cloud, the NEWT Contact Centre Enterprise Edition can scale to meet the needs of the most demanding Contact Centre environments.

Work States

User definable agent work states, such as ‘on lunch’ and ‘in meeting’ can be tailored to suit the unique needs of a business, providing Contact Centre Managers with greater visibility into the activity of their agents. Advanced control allows Managers to set limits to control the number of agents allowed to be in these pause states to ensure queue coverage. Work states are visible in the Live Monitor complete with timers to monitor real-time agent status.

Call Disposition

Allows for an agent to enter details regarding a call, with user definable codes that are agent selectable via a drop down list, to an open text field that can be populated with notes. Call Disposition can be set to Mandatory, Optional or Disabled on a per queue basis and can be tracked via the reporting engine.

Call Backs with Rescheduling

To enhance customer service, each queue can be equipped with the Call Back feature, allowing a caller to input their telephone number for a call back, while maintaining their priority in the queue. Call backs can also be rescheduled by the agent for a future date and time that is more acceptable for the caller.

Enhanced Live Call Monitoring with Thresholds

The Enterprise Edition improves upon the existing monitoring capabilities of the Standard Edition with an improved colour-coded display, adds agent work states, outbound call details, and the ability to group queues for easier viewing. Customizable thresholds can be placed on elements such as callers waiting in queue, longest queue wait time, and agent talk time to provide visual alerts to Contact Centre Managers when critical thresholds are exceeded.

Enhanced Reporting

Reporting engine has been expanded to include metrics on Enterprise Edition features such as Call Disposition, agent Work States, Call Back requests, agent Call Transfers to other Agents/Queues, and Outbound Contact Centre calls.

The web-based NEWT Console has been expanded to include a new agent-focused panel. This Agent Control Panel is exclusive to the Enterprise Edition and offers an agent improved call handling, access to advanced Contact Centre functionality, and real-time queue visibility.

Through this interface an agent is able to easily login/logout, modify their Work State, place Outbound calls with selectable Caller ID, reschedule Call Backs, transfer Contact Centre calls to other Agents/Queues, and add Call Disposition notes.

The Agent Control Panel is included with every Enterprise Edition agent seat and is required to take advantage of many of the included advanced Contact Centre features.

Increase Contact Centre productivity and customer happiness using live data that's at your fingertips!

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