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From Auto-Attendant and Call Recording to Voicemail-to-Email and beyond, The NEWT Business Phone System has features that will benefit a multi-office business such as extension dialing over IP.

Save up to 80% on phone line costs and upgrade your office telephone system and business phone lines to today's standards. Be connected to your customers and your business using simple but essential features that reduce day-to-day stress of IT Managers.  All features are fully managed and supported which means we focus on your business phone system while you focus on running your business and talking to your customers.

FREE Features Included with the NEWT Managed PBX

Account Codes - Outbound

This feature will allow for the ability to track outgoing calls via account codes for tracking and billing purposes. Account Codes can be set to between 1 – 16 digits and will display in the PBX CDR (Call Detail Record) along with the call details.

Advanced Call Routing

Many advanced call flow options, including, forwarding calls to a group of extensions, or outside numbers.

Attendant/Desktop Console

The NEWT Attendant Console with its web based graphical interface improves call management by increasing visibility of extensions and calls to your company. By adding directory search and click to answer and transfer, it provides new efficiencies over existing hardware based Reception console. The Attendant Console is the control panel for the NEWT Managed PBX & Polycom phone.

Auto Attendants

A self-serve virtual receptionist that greets callers via a voice-based menu system, allowing callers to bypass a traditional phone system operator or receptionist. Common actions one can perform via an Auto Attendant are direct extension dialing, searching for employees by name, or transferring to a specific department. The NEWT Managed PBX supports the implementation of numerous Auto Attendants.

Automated Paging Announcements

This feature allows for pre-recorded announcements to be broadcast via the paging feature on an automated schedule. Commonly used in retail store environments to notify customers of store closing times.

Automatic Off-Line Forwarding

In the event that a PBX is offline, the NEWT PBX solution will automatically detect this and re-route inbound calls to customer specified cell phones, home office phones, or other office locations.

Basic Call Queue

Inbound calls to a particular destination group of extensions (i.e. Sales, Service, Support, etc.) can be held in queue while waiting for an available staff member to take their call. This allows for improved customer service as it helps prevent important callers from being placed on hold, being directed to voicemail or from receiving a busy tone. As soon as a staff member is available, the ‘queued’ call will ring to their phone. Note: A single Basic Call Queue is included with every NEWT PBX. 

Block Inbound Calls

Allows for the ability to block specific telephone numbers from calling in to the phone system.  A list of ‘blocked’ numbers can be actively managed by the PBX administrator and changed whenever required. Compatible with local 10-digit and Toll Free Numbers.

Call Detailed Records (CDR)

Provides the ability to view Inbound Calls, Outbound Calls (or both) per extension (or all extensions), for a specified time frame. This is available on the PBX interface in near-real time for local and long distance calls. Toll Free calls update on the 21st of each month. The CDR details the Time of the call, the Duration of the Call and the Amount billed to the call if Long Distance.

Call Groups

Group a number of extensions together as one destination -- useful for Sales Departments or other groups of people in your company that you may want to direct incoming calls to.

Caller ID

Displays information about the caller on enabled handsets. Caller ID consists of two components, the Caller Number and the Caller Name.

Call Notification

Allows the ability to send a “call notification” email should someone enter your voicemail box but not leave you a message. This feature can be set on a per extension basis.

Call Parking

Allows a user to place a call into a “parked” on-hold position on the PBX and have the call retrieved from a different extension. This eliminates the need to transfer the caller to a desired extension number.

Call Parking (Enhanced Keys)

This phone feature allows for a single key press to park or unpark a call, and provides visibility for multiple parked calls via the display on compatible handsets. The Enhanced Call Park feature greatly benefits users transitioning from a Key System to a PBX where the concepts of locally placing a call on hold and moving a caller between phone system extensions via a Call Transfer may be foreign to them.

Call Pickup - Groups Pickup

Allows you to specify which extension(s) can intercept and pickup incoming calls that ring to an extension in a defined group.

Call Pickup - Directed

A Directed Call Pickup allows a user to intercept and pickup an incoming ringing call to a specific extension.

Call Restrictions

The Administrator of the PBX can setup outbound call restrictions for each extension. Restricted options include the ability to make local, long distance or International calls from an extension.

Call Transfers - Blind

Calls can be transferred directly to another extension without the need to speak to the destination party. The Caller ID of the transferred party will be passed through.

Call Transfers - Attended

Calls can be transferred directly to another extension, but unlike a blind transfer, the person transferring the call can speak with the destination party prior to completing the transfer. The Caller ID of the extension transferring the call will be passed through.

Call Waiting - Audible

A phone user will be alerted via an audible tone when an additional call is received while engaged in an active call. The user may then place the current call on hold and answer the call waiting, or let that caller route to voicemail.

Call Waiting - Visual

Caller ID will display on a compatible handset screen when an additional call is received while engaged in an active call, allowing the user to screen the call. The user may then place the current caller on hold and answer the call waiting, or route that inbound caller to voicemail. 

Canadian Virtual Forwarding Numbers

**additional fees for this feature MAY apply - only if more DIDs than lines purchased** A NEWT PBX can be provisioned with Canadian telephone numbers (DIDs) from areas outside of the local city where the PBX is located. This is beneficial if a business wishes to extend their presence by offering local calling numbers in different cities throughout parts of Canada. 

Cell Phone to Handset Transfer

Allows a user the ability to seamlessly transfer an actively forwarded call received on their cell phone back to their handset.

Centralized PBX Management

Administrators can view and make changes on their local PBX, as well as on any remote PBX that is peered to their main PBX location.

Dial by Name Directory

The NEWT Managed PBX Auto Attendant service allows callers to dial by name as a self serve option.

Dial Prefixes

This optional configuration allows a user to enter single number prefix (ie: 8 or 9) before the destination number to customize their outbound Caller ID on a per use basis. This is useful for companies which may run multiple businesses from a single PBX location or have multiple departments.

Direct Inward Dial (DID)

NEWT Managed PBX allows for any number of unique telephone numbers on the same system. Each user can potentially be assigned their own direct number (DID) that will ring directly to their extension, bypassing a live receptionist or Auto Attendant.

Direct Inward System Access (DISA)

This feature allows for staff to securely call the PBX to utilize the company's phone system (and the PBX long distance rates) for making long distance calls. This can help to reduce or eliminate cell phone long distance charges.

Direct Extension Paging

Users can page directly to a desired extension number on the same PBX, broadcasting a message using the speaker phone for that extension.

DISA Caller ID Enhancement

This feature allows for the outbound Caller ID for DISA calls to display the Main telephone number of the PBX, a unique telephone number associated with the DISA calling feature, or the Caller ID of the DISA caller (ie: cell phone #).

Distinct Park Call Ringback

If a “Parked” call is not picked up and rings back to the Extension that originally parked the call it will display the word “PARK” in front of the Caller ID and will ring with a distinct ring tone. This allows the user to differentiate a Call Park ringback from other types of calls.

Distinctive Ring on Transfer

When inbound calls are set to ring a "group" and a call is transferred directly to one of the extensions in that ring group, the extension can ring with a distinctive tone that differs from an inbound call to the ring group.

Distinctive Ring Tones

NEWT Managed PBX can support multiple incoming phone numbers that can each be assigned their own distinctive ring tone.

Distributed (Remote) Call Queue Agents

Allows for remotely located staff that are on a peered PBX to be part of a call queue associated with the main PBX.

Do Not Disturb (DND)

Prevents calls and pages from ringing to a phone extension that has DND activated.


NEWT Managed PBX includes e911 services.

Enhanced Conference Bridge

NEWT Managed PBX provides a free hosted cloud-based conference bridge service with an extensive moderator feature set including: listen only, leader role, participant status view, mute/un-mute of participants, and the ability to disconnect participants. Security is enhanced via user defined Moderator and Participant Codes. As an added benefit, conference bridge participants external to the PBX do not occupy business line capacity on the phone system.

Enhanced Voicemail Greeting Options

Options for Voicemail Greetings include the following: announcement with extension number, announcement without extension number or no announcement where the caller will be greeted with a beep before recording commences.

Exclusion of Extension(s) from the Company Directory

The NEWT PBX Auto Attendant builds the Dial by Name Directory automatically from the customized name labels for each extension. This feature allows specific extensions to be excluded from the company directory (i.e. Lobby phone, Boardroom phone, or if an Executive does not wish to be included in the directory).

Extension Dialing Between PBX locations

In addition to 3 or 4 digit extension dialing between phones associated with a main PBX, the NEWT PBX solution also supports shortened extension dialing to phones/users at remotely peered PBX locations.

Extension Monitoring – BLF/Buddy Lists

This feature allows a user to easily view the status of other PBX extensions (e.g. On Phone, Available, Ringing, etc.) via their phone display or NEWT Console.

Extension Numbers

NEWT Managed PBX allows for the assignment of unique extension numbers (3 or 4 digits) to a handset or phone number associated with a PBX. 

External Call Block Feature

Choose to block all inbound calls from external callers while still allowing internal calls to ring through to an extension. 

Find Me Follow Me

More than simple call forwarding – inbound calls can be routed to multiple numbers (ie: office extension, home, mobile or alternate number) simultaneously or in sequence – wherever you are the caller can find you.

Free LD Between PBX Locations

In a multi-location NEWT PBX deployment, calls between your PBX locations are free of charge.

Free LD Calling Within Peered PBX Footprint

A multi-location NEWT PBX build can be used to extend your local calling footprint, as outbound calls to areas where remotely peered PBXs are located will be treated as if the call originated from that remote PBX, increasing your local calling footprint and reducing long distance fees.

Holiday/Alternate Auto Attendant Message

Allows you to pre-record Holiday Greetings, or Alternate Greetings for events like Office Closures, offering the ability to toggle between the Holiday/Alternate Recording and the Normal Day-to-Day Auto Attendant recording.

Hot Desking/Hotelling

Allow users to log in and assign their extension to any available handset on their Main PBX or any peered PBX handset. This is beneficial for employees that may share an office/phone location, or for staff that frequently travel between office locations.

Inbound Caller ID Prefix

This feature allows for the insertion of a customizable prefix (several characters in length) that will display in front of the inbound Caller ID, based on the telephone number that was dialed to reach the PBX. This is useful for companies that operate multiple businesses or departments where a call recipient needs to be able to identify the number that was called to reach them via their phone display, so that the call can be answered accordingly.


This feature is a type of directed page that allows for two-way audio communication between the caller and the call recipient, utilizing the speaker phone on the end user's handset. 

Inventory List

This consolidated report provides a convenient way of viewing your phone system’s unique configuration by listing items such as the number of provisioned lines, premium enabled features, extension lists and telephone numbers assigned.   

LD Warning Message

Currently, the PBX System will complete a long distance call with or without dialling a 1 before the 10-digit number. If required, this feature can be enabled and callers will be required to dial 1 before a Long Distance call or they will be presented with a message advising them to do so (similar to a cell phone).

Lift to Talk

With this feature enabled, a phone extension will automatically dial a specified extension number of phone number when an outbound call is attempted, preventing the caller from being able to dial a different number. This is commonly used for a public lobby phone that automatically dials a Front Desk when going off -hook.

Message Waiting Indicator (Audio – Stutter Dial Tone)

When a user picks up the phone they will hear a stutter dial tone if they have a message waiting.locations.

Message Waiting Indicator (Visual)

Phone sets will alert a user of a message waiting via a flashing red light and/or screen notification.

Music/Messaging on Hold

The NEWT PBX System supports the playback of customizable music or messages to callers that are placed on hold.

Outbound Caller ID Block (per use)

A user can block their Caller ID from displaying on the destination phone by entering the Caller ID block code on a per use basis.

Phone Paging

Allows a user to send a one-way broadcast page through the speaker phones on compatible handsets.

Remote Auto Attendant Recording

In addition to being able to record Auto Attendant greetings local to the PBX, it also supports the ability for one to remotely call in to the PBX from an external number to record Auto Attendant Greetings.

Remote Office Integration

Additional NEWT PBXs can be deployed at Remote or Branch locations and integrated as part of a unified NEWT Managed PBX solution.

Remote Or Roaming Extensions

Allows for the assignment of a local extension and handset to remote home office staff or telecommuters.

Three - Way Conference Calling

Allows a user to establish a three-way conference call via a NEWT PBX handset.

Time of Day Scheduling – Auto Attendant

Provides the option to schedule Auto Attendants to customize how calls reach your business based on the time of day and day of week. For example, a company may prefer to have callers reach a live receptionist during the day and to provide a self-serve Auto Attendant option after hours.

Time Of Day Scheduling – Extension

Provides the option to schedule time of day and day of week Extension call flow rules. For example, an individual may want inbound calls to ring their desk phone and mobile phone simultaneously during the day, Monday to Friday, but go directly to voicemail at nights and on weekends.

Visual Voicemail

Allows users the ability to view, listen to and delete multiple voicemail messages at one time.


Each PBX Extension can be assigned a dedicated voicemail box. Messages are stored in the NEWT Cloud and there are no limits in regards to the number of messages that can be saved. Standard Voicemail Features include saving messages, forwarding messages, temporary greetings, and message folders.

Voicemail Message Alerts

A message can be delivered to a user via email to notify them that they have an unread message waiting in their extension's voicemail inbox. The message will contain the Caller ID of the person who left the message (if broadcast).

Voicemail Operator Redirect

Allows you to customize on a per extension basis where a caller will be redirected to should they press 0 after entering an extension's voicemail box. For example, an Executive may prefer that calls be directed to their Executive Assistant if a caller were to enter their voicemail box and zero out, instead of following the setup for other extensions that redirect calls to reception.

Voicemail Security Options By Extension

Allows for the varying levels of voicemail security per extension. Options include: None (no requirements); Extension (access voicemail only from your extension/set); Password (password required); Extension & Password (password required from your extension only).

Voicemail To Email

When a voicemail message is left at a NEWT PBX extension, the message can be converted to a .wav file and emailed to a specific email address, which can then be listened to on a computer or Smartphone. This is configured on a per extension basis.

White List Feature

Allows you to specify which external phone numbers and internal extensions are permitted to ring through to an extension, preventing inbound calls from all others. 

Zone Paging

This feature will allow you to specify groups of extensions that belong to unique paging zones. For example, you may wish to setup a warehouse paging zone that would only include phones within the warehouse.


Your dedicated NEWT Technical Support Team can be reached by dialling 611 from any NEWT PBX phone extension.

NEWT Optional Paid Features

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Designed for inbound call centres, the NEWT ACD feature delivers a robust solution that includes advanced skills-based call routing, agent login/logout, detailed reporting, real-time monitoring and an easy to use web-based management interface. Scalable from a handful of local users, to hundreds of distributed call centre agents supporting dozens of queues, the NEWT ACD feature is designed to meet the diverse needs of a modern call centre.

Call Detail Record (CDR) – Enhanced Version

In addition to the standard Call Detail Record report you now have the ability to generate reports based on the following: Extension Summary; Destination Summary; Account Code Summary; Department Summary. You will also have the ability to schedule reports to be sent via email (in .csv or .pdf format) to a specific individual or department, or to a specific FTP Address on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Call Recording

Recordings of calls to and from PBX extensions can be stored on the local PBX. The PBX Administrator can opt to record inbound calls, outbound calls, both inbound and outbound calls, or even enable on-demand recording on a per extension basis. Recordings can be managed and listened to via the PBX user interface. Access to call recordings can be controlled for security purposes.

Call Recording Purge Feature

The NEWT Call Recording Purge Feature will allow businesses to “purge” (delete) any call records, including credit card information, personal customer details and more, based on specific timetables set by the organization. Ultimately, this feature ensures that information that needs to be deleted will no longer be available or accessible after a selected date. Due to certain legal requirements, the retention of certain information is not allowed by Contact Centres. Therefore, using this reliable component will help to add efficiency and simplicity to any organization that needs to “purge” specific records. 

Enhanced Queue

The NEWT Enhanced Queue feature is a solution for businesses that require more than the simple basic queueing feature that comes standard with the NEWT Managed PBX solution. NEWT Enhanced Queue adds one or more enhanced queues and allows for advanced ring strategies to ring to a group of staff extensions while callers remain held in queue with customized on hold messaging.  

Entrance Security

Increase the level of security for your business by implementing a doorphone at key building entrances. By combining an outdoor rated IP intercom with the NEWT PBX solution, arriving visitors and guests can be greeted from any telephone and allowed entry by a simple key press from a NEWT PBX phone extension. The solution is designed to integrate with an existing security system if required, allowing for remote door unlock capability and the bypassing of door security.

Fax To Email

NEWT Fax to Email service allows you to receive faxes via an email address. It includes a Local or Toll Free fax number (New or Ported) and unlimited monthly usage, and does not require specialized software, a traditional voice line or fax machine. Inbound fax transmissions are received by a fax server in the core of the NEWT network, converted to a .pdf file and then delivered to an email address of your choice. 

NEWT Mobile

The NEWT Mobile app extends your office to your mobile device, allowing for secure encrypted calling via Wi-Fi or cellular data networks (3G/4G/LTE).  The NEWT Mobile app lets you to send and receive business calls as if you were at the office, and uses your business Caller ID enabling you to hide your mobile phone number. NEWT Mobile does not require a subscription to a mobile service provider.  Available for Apple iOS and Android OS devices.

Overhead Paging

NEWT Managed PBX is capable of integrating with overhead paging systems. This feature requires a hardware-based paging gateway.

Pause Recording 

This feature is available for all queues that have the call recording parameter enabled and ensures calls are efficiently managed. It will allow Contact Centres to adhere to PCI security standards when dealing with security issues regarding payment data. The feature is simple and easy to use, an agent has the ability to pause the recording of any live call to ensure privacy standards are followed. The agent will quickly and easily be able start recording the call again after the payment process is completed.  

PBX High Availability

The NEWT PBX High Availability configuration allows for enhanced reliability of the NEWT PBX solution through the deployment of redundant PBX hardware.  This facilitates automated restoration of PBX services should the primary PBX fail.  

Remote Phone

Offers support for a remotely provisioned IP Phone (NEWT certified Polycom VVX or Grandstream GXP 21XX Series) that will register back to a Main NEWT Managed PBX Solution through the Internet. This remote phone solution requires no additional PBX hardware at the remote location (plug and play operability).


The NEWT Desktop Softphone is a comprehensive business communications tool that extends the capabilities of the NEWT PBX solution. Simply attach a PC-compatible headset to your computer and use the Softphone to place and receive calls using VoIP without the need for a traditional hardware-based phone, and enjoy the benefits of improved call control and extension management.

Sound File Management

The Sound File Management feature allows for customer controlled upload and assignment of audio files for On Hold Messaging and Automated Attendant menus.  

Toll Free Numbers

The NEWT PBX system supports Toll Free numbers, via the porting of an existing number or the assignment of a new one.

US Virtual Forwarding Numbers

A NEWT PBX can be provisioned with US telephone numbers (DIDs) to offer local number calling in US cities. Available for most major cities in the US.


Directory Assistance is compatible with the NEWT Managed PBX Phone System. These types of calls are on a cost-per-call basis.

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