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Stay Connected with Automatic LTE Failover for Voice

NEWT offers a cost-effective solution for the automated recovery of voice services if the primary circuit supporting a NEWT Managed PBX solution should go offline. Leverages our proven NEWT WAN Failover service that uses a NEWT Managed Router at customer site to intelligently move voice traffic from a NEWT circuit over to the NEWT wireless LTE service in the event of a loss of WAN connectivity.

WAN-based disaster recovery is most effective when the primary and redundant circuits offer separate paths and different underlying technologies to prevent both circuits from failing at the same time.

E.g. from a local fibre cut or underlying service provider outage. Combining a land-based primary NEWT circuit with a wireless backup solution is an ideal solution to keep your vital voice services online.

How it Works

The service will continuously monitor both circuits (Primary and Secondary LTE wireless) for connectivity in 5 second increments, and automatically switch traffic to the secondary LTE connection upon primary circuit failure.

The failover service automatically checks against multiple servers in the Fibernetics core network to verify connectivity; validating that the Fibernetics core network is reachable from both circuits, and tests for circuit quality to help prevent failover or failback to a severely impaired circuit. When a primary link failure occurs, all in-progress calls and Internet-related sessions will drop, and the NEWT router will automatically redirect critical voice traffic to the alternate LTE wireless circuit within an expected 60 to 120 seconds.


Requires a NEWT Managed PBX solution with NEWT provided land-based circuit. The primary circuit can be voice dedicated or deployed for support of shared Internet and voice services.

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