Can your current business phone & communications system handle the post-pandemic transition back to work?


Reopening your business after the long break due to pandemic; are you ready?

The global economy has been widely affected during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses can no longer afford to remain closed.  Many consumers are still reluctant to emerge and interact freely.  As the economy slowly reopens, the way businesses operate will have to change to accommodate the new norm of ‘partial accessibility’. Your survival as a small-medium sized business will depend on your ability to quickly adapt to these changes, and be ready to handle and serve your customers seamlessly both on-site, and remotely.  

Remote working and seamless virtual communications are the pillars on which the business community will need to rely on for the foreseeable future. Making optimal use of your existing technology and resources makes good financial sense. However, investing in a fully-functional and reliable business phone system is imperative for a smooth transition for businesses planning on reopening soon. 

A fully-managed PBX (Private Branch Exchange) business phone system is the top runner for the current semi-lockdown situation that demands a multi-channel, multi-site work environment.  A hosted PBX system can provide an end-to-end solution for organizations of all sizes to enable seamless communication both on-site and for remote work environments. 

Listed below are some key features of a fully-managed business phone system that can support your business during this transition.

Manage telephone orders

Curbside pickup has surged in popularity, and became one of the critical ways that businesses that delivered essentials like the restaurants, pharmacies, and local grocery stores, were able to remain open. 

We have also seen wide adoption of curbside pickup & delivery options offered by a range of businesses like fashion boutiques and clothing stores, art & craft suppliers, music and book stores, and even home and design stores. 

Businesses that did not traditionally worry about managing a high volume of customer calls are now are receiving more calls than ever. A hosted PBX system can provide the support businesses need to handle the additional call volume. 

The auto-attendant feature is a self-serve virtual receptionist that can greet callers via a voice-based menu system, screen and transfer them to the right attendees in different locations, or to different departmental queues. This makes the whole process more efficient while substantially reducing the time and cost required to handle higher volumes. 

Remote work communication

Many business experts have stated that remote work is the future for many industries. With businesses offering the flexibility of work from home and most businesses moving their work to remote operations at least temporarily, the urgent need is not just for effective communication, but also real collaboration.

The various self-serve features offered by a fully-managed PBX system catering to the remote work culture enable collaboration between remote employees and powers a seamless communication between them, ensuring employee productivity and work-efficiency.   These features include, but are not limited to, sending voicemails to emails, alternate auto-attendant greetings, conference bridges, and the NEWT mobile app that allows staff to take calls anywhere. 

A surge in telephone appointments

As the economy slowly reopens post-pandemic, and with more and more customers looking to book appointments for various services, businesses can add new service features easily to meet the surge in appointment requests.

  • Premium calling features can be included to increase call-taking efficiency
  • Call groups can be included to allow incoming calls to ring on multiple extensions 
  • Call queue can enhance the dynamic waiting room affair that helps businesses customize the on-hold experience and efficiently manage call volume.

Improved Customer Service

Communicating safety measures is now a top priority for all businesses. A Virtual Receptionist (VR) or the auto-attendant features can easily direct calls to various departments, convey the safety protocol of the organization, and even create in advance customized greetings unique to every department addressing various occasions. Special promotions and frequently asked questions can be added to the on-hold message system.

NEWT Hybrid PBX Solution

A NEWT Hybrid PBX is quick and easy to deploy, and can be set-up remotely from anywhere instantaneously, making it agile and cost-effective. Businesses can scale up easily, set-up any employee in a fully-functional work-environment, and deliver excellent customer service even remotely with minimal effort.

NEWT offers an enterprise-level Business Phone System that gives you the power to drive higher cost-efficiency, optimize your business process, and improve your customer’s experience. 

NEWT can be customized to meet your organization’s requirements and provides a superior hybrid mix of both traditional on-premise PBX and hosted PBX while leveraging cloud benefits. The advanced features can increase productivity and help your business succeed through its business phone system solutions. 

As the world finds its way back to normalcy, don’t let your current technology limit your growth.

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Cambridge Chamber of Commerce Annual Golf Tournament

Cambridge Chamber of Commerce Annual Golf Tournament

NEWT Attends the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce Annual Golf Tournament

NEWT was happy to be invited back to the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce Annual Golf Tournament as an exhibitor at the Galt Country Club in Cambridge, Ontario on June 10, 2019. The NEWT team was there in full force at Hole #9 answering any and all questions members had about business phone systems, and how organizations such as the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce have saved over $10,000 per year by switching their phone system to NEWT. “We had a fantastic time! It was great meeting our existing customers and all the great feedback they have for us,” commented Justin Flores, Sr. Business Development Representative. This year, NEWT was proud to offer a table prize of a $150 Golf Town Gift Card along with refreshments so that golfers could make a quick pit stop and stay hydrated before taking on the 410-yard, par 4 hole!

“We love coming out to The Chamber of Commerce Events,” says Michael Brown, VP Sales & Marketing. “It’s a great way to stay in touch with local businesses while supporting The Cambridge Chamber.”

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce and Greg Durocher, CEO – Cambridge Chamber of Commerce for their continued support and connecting local businesses to NEWT. To learn more about the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce, please visit

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True North

Fibernetics Teams up with Communitech

Fibernetics Corporation provides Internet for the annual True North conference.

CAMBRIDGE, ON., June 3, 2019 – Last week, Fibernetics announced that they will be teaming up with Communitech to provide Internet and Wi-Fi for the 2019 True North conference.

Happening June 19-20, 2019 at the LOT42 Global Flex Campus in Kitchener, True North brings together entrepreneurs, students and investors to hear from leaders on topics like quantum computing, AI, data privacy and digital addiction.

Tim Muza

Tim Muza

“We’re excited to share our wireless solution with the tech community, especially at an event that brings together leaders, investors and startups,” said Michael Brown, Sales and Marketing Officer at Fibernetics. “The True North conference is helping create innovation within our community. We’ve worked with Communitech in the past, and we’re thrilled to be working alongside them again, helping deliver a successful event.

Launched in 2018, True North focuses on conversations about big problems – and technology’s role in creating and fixing them. The conference aims to look at how technology can be used to impact digital democracy, create new technologies, and connect global citizens.

The theme of this year’s conference, ‘Bridges, Not Walls,’ will examine our interconnected roles as citizens, neighbours, tech creators, and users.

While True North is about showing the world that Waterloo Region is Canada’s innovation hub, the after-hours festival offers attendees a chance to rediscover some of what makes Kitchener-Waterloo such a great place to live and visit.

For more information about True North, including speaker bios, free community events and conference tickets, please visit


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Holiday Features

NEWT Holiday Features

With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s time to start preparing your organization for the upcoming season.

While everyone is away from the office, you will want to ensure that customers stay informed and all messages are received. Here are three ways the NEWT Managed PBX can help your company during the holiday season.

Holiday and Alternate Auto Attendant Message

Of all the great features that make a modern hosted phone system superior, tHoliday Callinghe most important one for people looking to have a flexible schedule during the holidays is Auto Attendant.

The Auto Attendant feature can be used for anything from a simple greeting to call forwarding. Calls can easily be routed with a holiday-specific greeting via the Alternate Auto Attendant Message. This feature allows organizations to pre-record Holiday Greetings and office closures while having the ability to toggle between holiday recordings and the normal day-to-day auto attendant recordings.

Time of Day Scheduling provides the option to schedule Auto Attendants to customize how calls reach your business based on the time of day and day of the week. For example, a company may usually prefer callers reach a live receptionist during the day, but during the holidays they want to provide a self-serve Auto Attendant option.

Sound File Management

Season’s greetings and holiday music are perfect for enhancing the on-hold caller experience. The Sound File Management feature allows customers to upload and assign audio files for On Hold Messaging and Automated Attendant menus. Plan your On-Hold messaging and music early to remind your customers that you appreciate and value their business and wish them the very best during the holiday season.

Voicemail Enhancements

Holiday VoicemailWith your holiday greeting in place and your auto attendant configured, it’s important to ensure that you won’t miss any messages. When your auto attendant routes calls to voicemail, messages will be delivered to a user via email. The Voicemail Message Alert feature will notify them that they have an unread message waiting in their extension’s voicemail inbox and Visual Voicemail will allow users the ability to view, listen and delete multiple voicemail messages at one time.

Messages are stored in the NEWT Cloud and can be converted to a .wav file and emailed to a specific email address, which can then be listened to on a computer or Smartphone.

Whether you are away from the office for a few days or a few weeks, NEWT Managed PBX can help you stay connected to your clients over the holiday season. To learn more, visit

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Small Business

Make Your Small Business Look Big

Building your business often means starting from scratch and long hours spent at the office. Startups and small businesses typically have no IT department to set up software and phone systems. Luckily, entrepreneurs have access to a multitude of tools that can help provide large business-style services.

Here are four ways to make your small business look more prominent and impress potential customers while you grow.

Quality Website

Before you start promoting your business, you should ensure that you have a quality website set up. Before your customers visit your location, they will conduct some research and make assessments based on your online presence. One of the best ways to make a great impression on potential customers is through a professional website. Tools like Wix, WordPress, Squarespace and more make it easy to create a professional website at an affordable price.

Professional Email Address

Another simple way to impress potential customers is through a professional email address. Some small businesses make the mistake of using personal email addresses that end with or instead of an email on their business’s website domain. Google’s G Suite is designed for workplaces and starts at $5 per month. G Suite makes it easy and affordable to have a professional email address on your own business’s domain.

Dedicated Phone Numbers

Like having a business email address, having a dedicated phone number for your business is another way to make you look professional and big. Having a dedicated phone number means sharing your number without having to share your personal number.

Professional Phone System

NEWT Mobile for BusinessesDid you know that the way you answer the phone could help or hurt your business? It’s probably not a surprise that the way you address your customers over the phone is the backbone of a successful business. Some small businesses use their cell phone to answer calls, but if you’re a local business with local perspectives, chances are your potential customers will know the difference between a cell phone number and a landline.

Luckily, the NEWT Managed PBX Phone System is a reliable, affordable solution for any business. NEWT offers an on-premise Managed PBX, low operating costs and over 80 business features.

To learn more about how NEWT can help your business, visit

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Cloud Computing

Why Small Businesses are Moving to the Cloud

The future is in the cloud

More than ever, companies are tapping into the power of the cloud. Whether a disaster strikes, devices are misplaced, or you need to access files on the go, cloud storage can be a beneficial and reliable data solution. Here are a few reasons why businesses are switching over to the cloud.

Cost Efficiency

Purchasing equipment to build out and operate a data centre can be costly and time consuming for many businesses. Cloud computing reduces these costs and eliminates the added stress. Moving over to the cloud presents significant savings on hardware, facilities, utilities and other traditional computing requirements.

Heightened Security

People might not believe it, but cloud services provide a high-level security protocol to ensure that data is always protected. Cloud computing increases data security by following a layered approach that includes data encryption, key management, secure access controls, security intelligence and regular security audits.

Clear Collaborations

CloudCloud-based office systems can drive on-site and off-site office environments. The ability to collaborate over cloud services offers flexibility and support for remote workers and allows them to continue projects while away on road trips and conferences.

Cloud services also will allow workers to send information quickly. Documents and other important files can be sent in real time and collaborated on simultaneously.

Scalability and Flexibility

Utilizing cloud computing allows your employees to be more flexible – inside and outside the office. While on the cloud, employees can access files using web-enabled devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets. Files can now be shared both internally and externally over the Internet.

Another benefit of using cloud computing is scalability. The cloud allows you to support your business growth without expensive changes to your existing IT systems. Now, your business can easily upscale or downscale depending on your IT requirements and resources.

Don’t Get Left Behind

Technology is changing quickly and utilizing current cloud storage features has become essential for business security and success.

For more information on NEWT Cloud services, please visit

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Take Your Business Phone Anywhere with NEWT Mobile

NEWT is proud to announce the launch of NEWT Mobile!

We’re taking business communications in Canada to the next level with the launch of our brand new SIP-based application for Apple iOS and Android OS devices. NEWT Mobile is fully integrated with our Managed PBX Solution, extending functionality and service to make and receive calls via the user’s mobile device.

Take Your Business Phone Anywhere

NEWT Mobile is user-friendly and designed to extend office phones to mobile devices. NEWT Mobile allows clients to call via Wi-Fi or cellular data networks (3G/4G/LTE). Employees outside of the office will now have increased accessibility and can utilize the full suite of features while lowering or eliminating high cellular long distance or roaming charges. The NEWT Mobile app lets you send and receive business calls as if you were in the office. It uses business Caller ID enabling you to hide your mobile phone number, and doesn’t require a subscription to a mobile service provider and can operate independently.

NEWT Mobile can be used to:

  • Answer, transfer and place calls
  • Manage voicemails
  • Listen to messages
  • Access call history
  • Click to dial contacts and access phone directory

After installing NEWT Mobile with an active license, clients will have remote access to their 80-plus NEWT calling features using an active internet connection or cellular data networks.

Stay tuned for upcoming training sessions and further news about NEWT Mobile. To learn more about NEWT Mobile, visit our website.

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Voicemail to Email feature

3 Beneficial Features for Out of Office Workers

With over 80 features, NEWT Managed PBX phone system offers a unique and convenient experience.

They are the brave individuals who choose to wander out into the concrete jungle to get things done in face to face meetings. These courageous folks are known as out of office workers. However, what are you supposed to do when people call from within the office?

Here are three NEWT features that can help out of office workers get the messages they need without checking into the workplace.

Call Forwarding

With NEWT’S fully managed hybrid PBX system, you’ll be able to use the “Find Me Follow Me” feature to make sure those important calls get to you promptly. All you have to do is program your numbers into the console, and the system will be able to reroute the call to multiple numbers simultaneously or in sequence, i.e. cell phone and home. Whether you’re on the job site impressing a client or suppressing your road rage on highway 401, the call will find you.

Voicemail to Email

Now, if you don’t want a call to find you right at this moment, here’s another helpful feature. Instead of having someone leave a voicemail on your cell phone or office phone, which needs pesky passwords and confusing navigation options, send it to your email! After inputting the numbers into the console, you can send voicemails to email by inputting a designated email address. Messages will be saved as MP3 files, allowing you to listen to each of them with ease on your computer or smartphone.

Time of Day Scheduling

rawpixel-1061533-unsplashSometimes we find ourselves in a situation where we have absolutely no time to answer calls or look through emails. That’s where the “Time of Day Scheduling” feature comes in handy. Within your NEWT console, you can input your numbers and emails, and you can also set the time of day you’d like calls forwarded to you. Simply select the day of the week and adjust what time you’d like these calls to go to you. For example, on Tuesdays, I’d like the “Find Me Follow Me” feature to activate at 10 a.m. when I leave the office and deactivate at 3:45 when I return.

So whether you’re in the office or venturing out into the world, NEWT has plenty of features to help you get through your day. To learn more about the latest features from NEWT, visit our features page.

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Newsletter_Banner (1)

September 2018 Quarterly Newsletter

We’re excited to introduce you to the NEWT Quarterly Newsletter, which includes the latest features and products. As your company continues to grow, NEWT improves the way you connect with your team, customers and clients.

Letter From the President

LetterAs we approach the end of the summer, I find myself asking “Where did the time go?” Every year, summer seems to pass by faster than the last.

In appreciation of your interest in our first NEWT Newsletter, I would like to personally thank you for your time and trust in the services we provide. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to take care of your phone, internet, data needs, and for entrusting us with your business.

We’re very excited to launch this newsletter, to better communicate with our customers and ensure you’re all aware of the improvements we’re making every day to both our products as well as the customer experience. We take great pride in all that we offer, and I welcome you to reach out if you have any questions or want to explore the multitude of services we provide.

Thank you,

Francisco Dominguez

New Features: Sound File Management

Personalize the caller experience with Sound File Management!

Sound File Management

As summer comes to a close, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season are rapidly approaching. Now is a perfect time prepare your holiday on-hold messaging.

The Sound File Management feature reveals a new section within the PBX Administrative Interface that allows customers to upload and self-manage audio file assignments for On Hold Messaging and Automated Attendant menus. For only $9.95 a month plus a small provisioning fee, Sound File Management allows for up to ten Music on Hold (MoH) classifications. Extension configuration allows for customized on hold messaging, so you can include all your favourite holiday jingles

Music on Hold options include:

  • The ability to randomize playback of multiple sound files; which is ideal for broadcasting marketing content to a held caller
  • Allows for sound file archiving
  • Provides an easy-to-use graphical feature management interface

Click here to download more information.

Training Videos

Learn more about the most common features on the Grandstream GXP Series handset models.

To access additional training videos, please visit NEWT Training.

Add PBX Redundancy to Your System

Restore voice services in minutes!

newt_pbx_polycom_phoneNEWT’s Cold Spare program offers a redundant backup PBX appliance that resides at the customer’s site, should the primary PBX hardware ever fail.

Customers can make a quick call to NEWT Support to assist remotely with a PBX hardware swap, restoring voice services in minutes, without having to wait for replacement hardware.

Each Cold Spare PBX hardware is customer specific, configured as a duplicate image of the primary PBX, and your valuable core phone system settings will remain intact. The Cold Spare offers peace of mind and a superior level of disaster recovery at an industry leading affordable price point.

Pricing is based on PBX Appliance Type. Please contact us for additional information. 

Upcoming Events

WebinarsNEWT training seminars are continuously improving to meet the current and future needs of our customers and their clients. New features are always being introduced, and new employees require education and training.

Free training webinars are designed for End Users and Administrators. Sessions focus on how individuals can access and effectively use the most popular NEWT Managed PBX features. System administrators are encouraged to join the session for additional content learning. Every session ends with a 15-minute Q&A, allowing end users to ask any additional questions about the system.

                                                                                          Register now for upcoming sessions.

Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to take care of your phone, internet and data needs. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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PBX for Realtors

5 Reasons Why NEWT is the Right Choice for Realtors

One of the biggest challenges real estate firms are facing today is keeping up with modern technology. PBX (Private Branch Exchange) solutions can help real estate agencies gain a competitive edge and maintain fast and efficient communication with clients.

If you’re ready to bring your connection out of the stone age – or perhaps you’re tired of expensive and complicated systems, then this real estate guide will shine a light on what you should be looking for in a business phone system.

Why Hybrid Cloud Phone System is the Perfect Choice

1. Mobility

Nearly a third of all real estate agents spend more time working outside of the office. While email and text messages are easily accessible through a handheld device, realtors reported that 91% of their communication with clients is done by telephone.

Find Me, Follow Me and Direct Inward System Access (DISA) allows for integration with mobile devices and will enable employees to make calls from their mobile phones as if they were calling from the office.

2. Client Experience

Home buyers are looking for real estate Real Estate Agentagents who are responsive and up-to-speed on new technology. A report from the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) found that when communicating with their agent, recent buyers found it essential that their agent calls them personally.

Most clients prefer to talk on the phone so, it only makes sense that realtors can be reached seamlessly on their mobile device. To ensure critical calls are never missed, NEWT routes calls from office phones to mobile devices, helping realtors stay connected to their clients.

3. Flexibility

Finding a scalable system with the flexibility to grow as quickly and proficiently with the company can be a challenge for many realtors, especially when companies have offices in multiple locations. Traditional phone systems can be a point of frustration for realtors and clients. Moving effortlessly from properties to the office is essential for callers and staff.

Not only does NEWT help with multi-site companies, but it also helps companies of all sizes keep up with continually evolving technology and keep team members within the same phone system. NEWT Managed PBX is easy to manage and update, allowing realtors to add and remove functionality and users as needed – without the hassle.

4. Easy to ManageNEWT Attendant Console

Using outdated analog phone systems can be complicated and inconvenient. Trying to manage, change settings, or update an outdated system can be complicated and a strain on productivity.

NEWT can make it easier to manage from a technical standpoint. Features such as the NEWT Attendant Console improve call management by increasing visibility of extensions and calls to your company.

5. Cost

Every business is looking for ways to increase profit and cut down on costs, but not at the expense of quality. PBX systems are known for being cost-effective and high-quality – two things any realtor and savvy businessperson strives for.

NEWT is fully-managed, with an all-included feature set. NEWT clients have seen up to an 80% reduction in their monthly telecom expenses by eliminating the cost of business phone lines.

What’s Next

Are you ready for reliable communication that is fully-managed and easy to use? NEWT can ensure that you’re always connected and never miss an important call. Contact us today to speak with a product specialist.

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