23 01, 2014

Heavy call volume? Cut your overhead with a PRI

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First, a quick explanation of what a PRI is... There are two varieties of ISDN service offered: BRI or Basic Rate Interface and PRI or Primary Rate Interface. BRI is a low capacity service intended for residential and small business applications. PRI is the high capacity service carried on T1 trunk lines between telco central

22 01, 2014

Some Lesser Known Features of the NEWT Managed PBX

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This week our in-house trainer Lesley Forbes held a drop-in Webinar Session for NEWT Managed PBX business phone system clients, answering any questions they may have on their phone system. Beyond the usual FAQ's, the following three jumped out at Leslie because they don't come up too often. Question #1 : Client has two business telephone

16 01, 2014

The Woeller Group benefits from NEWT training

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Training is an essential part of the entire NEWT package, because as simple as the system is to install, manage and use, the extensive feature set can be daunting for new users. Once a system is installed, the training doesn't stop there as new features are always being introduced, and new employees require education as

14 01, 2014

Is Voicemail Killing Your Business Communication?

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You are on the phone. It's ringing. You're looking at your computer, checking email, web pages, the sports scores, whatever, while waiting for the voicemail to pick up and then BOOM! An actual person answers. You instantly panic... "What on earth was I calling about?" With the wide adoption of voicemail, that's become the way of

10 01, 2014

Scalability: Not thinking about it today means you'll pay tomorrow

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Definition: scal-a-bil-ity \ˈskā-lə-bəl-i-teeˈ\ verb. The ability to increase the size of a business while either maintaining or increasing its profit margin. A simple definition for something that, unless your business is built to do it, is rarely done well. This guy wasn't thinking ahead Creating and managing a scaling enterprise requires a delicate balance

29 11, 2013

What "Beyond Telecom" means to us and to our clients

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Why NEWT? Beyond the cutting-edge technology in business communications supported 24/7 and running on its own private national data network, why should businesses looking for a new phone system or network consider Newt? It comes down to two words: Beyond Telecom   Beyond Telecom isn't just a catch phrase; it's our operating principle. It represents our