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Premium Business Media Phone with GigE, 4.3” Touch Display, And More... 

Provides best-in-class desktop productivity for corporate executives and managers.
Colour Touch-screen, USB, built-in bluetooth and support for up to 16 lines.  
Capable of video and media applications.

Performance Business Media Phone with GigE, 3.5Colour Touch Display, USB

Powerful yet intuitive office phone designed for busy managers and
knowledge workers. 
Colour Touch-screen, USB  and support for up to 12 lines. 
Capable of video and media applications.

Business Media Phone with Colour Display with GigE Option

Give your call attendant or office worker a modern, high quality, full featured phone.
Colour 3.5" display, 12 line Business Media Phone for enhanced call handling.
GigE support optional. (411 model)

Entry-level Business Media Phone with GigE Option

Power entry-level 6 line Business Media Phone.  
Perfect for cubicle use.
Backlit grayscale display.
GigE support optional (311 model).

VVX Colour LCD Expansion Module

Optimal solution for today's telephone attendants and power users who manage
multiple telephone calls.
Works with VVX 300 to 600 series of phones. 
4.3" Colour Display
28 illuminated programmable line keys
3 Page View keys to access additional contacts

Premium IP Conference Phone

Designed for midsize conference rooms.
12 feet (3.5-meters) microphone pickup.
Offers HD Voice and Acoustic clarity technology from Polycom. 

Entry-level Conference Phone

Perfect for small conference rooms and offices. 
Its microphone picks up voices up to seven feet (2-meters) away.
Entry level conference phone, but offering HD Voice and Acoustic clarity
technology from Polycom.  

Enterprise-grade Phone with Colour Display, GigE, and 32 Programmable Keys

Enterprise-grade IP phone that offers support for up to 8 lines, plus 32

programmable on-screen keys to support speed dialing and extension-based

monitoring. With support for Gigabit speeds, integrated PoE, and built-in

Bluetooth support, this is a perfect choice for a business user that requires a

powerful IP phone to support high call volumes.

Executive Phone with Large Colour Display, GigE, and 48 Programmable Key

Executive level Enterprise-grade IP phone with a large 4.3 inch colour display.

Features 12 line keys plus 48 programmable on-screen keys to support speed

dialing and extension-based monitoring. Offers Gigabit speeds, integrated PoE,

and built-in Bluetooth support. Convert into a powerful attendant phone by

adding up to four GXP2200EXT extension modules to allow for up to 160

additional on screen contacts.

Extension Module for the GXP2170 IP Phone

Effectively manage a high call volume environment by adding

one or more extension modules to a Grandstream GXP2170 IP

phone. Each backlit LCD module allows for the addition of 40 speed

dial / extension-based monitoring keys, and one can connect up to 4

modules to allow for a total of 160 additional on screen contacts.

Outdoor Rated IP Intercom

All weather door phone.  Supports 2-way
communication with NEWT PBX extensions.
Key press from any extension can
allow door entry. 

IP Loud Ringer Speaker
& Voice Paging Device 

PoE IP audio device for 
loud ringing and overhead paging.

Fully Featured DECT 
KX-UDT131 Tough Handset

Robust, well-designed and
feature rich wireless handset.  
Long-term dependability in harsh 

Advanced DECT
KX-TPA60 Business Handset

Elegant yet robust wireless handset
featuring a large colour display.  A must have
for mobile workers in your office. 

Cost Effective Power Backup Solution

Choose the best solution to keep your business
running during a prolonged power outage.
The Eaton 5S UPS provides reliable power when needed most.

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