NEWT – Beyond Telecom

Improve Network Performance with NEWT ANA™

Increase your business Internet speed, add redundancy and failover with your new Internet bonding appliance

Introducing NEWT ANA™ Service which aggregates several IP connections of various speeds and technology, provides a seamless failover between links, and can provide Quality of Service over the various available links for your voice and mission critical applications.

With NEWT ANA™ Technology

  • Bandwidth - Increase Upload & Download Speeds
  • Bandwidth issues caused by lack of infrastructure delivering the speeds you require
  • Reliability - Reduce Network Downtime
  • Reliability issues caused by 3rd-party disruptions, and the requirement for high availability for your applications
  • Quality - Guarantee Application Q.o.S
  • Quality of service for certain applications like voice and critical applications

ANA™ Features

  • Higher upload or download speeds
  • No dropped voice or data connectivity on link failure
  • Reduced network downtime
  • Circuit redundancy or diversity to your location
  • Alternative to high cost fibre services or where fibre facilities are not available
  • Ability to provide Quality of Service (Q.o.S) to applications on your network


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White Paper

Download technical information to learn how ANA makes IT Professionals happy.

The NEWT ANA white paper highlights the benefits of redundant data connections.

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