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NEWT Business Primary Rate Interface (PRI) provides business customers voice access as part of a complete voice solution. This digital access solution connects the NEWT Voice Network to the customers PBX or phone system while offering multiple feature functionalities. NEWT PRI includes better day-to-day calling operations, reduced phone system complexity by eliminating the need for voice lines or trunks and features such as Calling Line Identification (CLID) and Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS): while increasing call connect speed and productivity.

NEWT provides great PRI services at industry low pricing. Contact NEWT today for more details.

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NEWT SIP Benefits

  • Unlimited local and long distance calling in Canada
  • Prices starting at $495.00 per month
  • LoIX DID's - allows NEWT ISDN PRI customers to terminate new or ported phone numbers (DID's) from Fibernetics CLEC supported calling areas in Canada as DID's on your business ISDN PRI. Available for most cities in Canada.

PRI Components

  • DS1/T1 access and demark CPE from customer premise to Fibernetics CLEC Network.
  • Two way inbound and outbound calling.
  • 23B Channels (voice channels) plus D channel, or 24B Channels (NFAS).
  • Telco On-Site installation (DS1/T1 CCT Termination)-Interconnect or customer to connect the PRI to the customer voice switch/PBX.
  • Includes local and Canadian calling; Canadian Territories, USA and Toll Free services at competitive rates.

PRI Standard Features

  • Calling Line ID: Delivers the telephone number of an incoming caller.
  • Calling Name ID: Delivers the name for the incoming caller.
  • Direct Inward Dial (DID): Allows individuals to have their own unique telephone numbers.
  • LolX DID: Allows you to terminate new or ported numbers from Fibernetics CLEC supported calling areas across Canada as DID's on your PRI.
  • Facility Traffic Manager: Flexible sizing controls on virtual trunk groups.
  • Digital Manipulation/Replacement: The incoming 10-digit number is modified in the Fibernetics network before being sent to the customer NEWT PRI for routing locally.
  • Overflow: Allows the NEWT PRI to overflow to another PRI or to analog line services, if the calls volumes exceed trunk group limits. Overflow only supported on the same NEWT local switch.
  • PSTN Connectivity: Allows bi-directional access (either local or long distance).
  • Two-B Channel Transfer (TBCT): Allows you to transfer calls to another party at the network level without holding up two voice channels on the PBX; Requires NI2.
  • Backup D Channel: A designated D channel which acts as a backup for the trunk group, in case the first signalling channel or facility (T1) fails.
  • DNIS: Dialled Number Identification Service (DNIS): Will send the number, which was dialled by a customer. Often used in an inbound call center or answering service to help answer or determine how to route a call. The DNIS number is typically 4 to 10 digits in length.

Enjoy all of the benefits of the NEWT PRI while providing your business a faster and more efficient solution for your voice and data needs.

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