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Investment Planning Counsel

Investment Planning Counsel

The Newt Managed PBX is an End-to-End Solution

The Burton Group in Orillia is part of the Investment Planning Counsel, one of the largest financial services organizations in the province. For them, staying in contact with their clients is of paramount importance, therefore having high quality, reliable business and data communications are essential.

Considering the industry they are in, they make no decision lightly in their investing for their clients, or investing in their own business. In 2012 they transitioned to the NEWT Managed PBX Business Phone System.

One of the main reasons?

The NEWT Managed PBX Business Continuity and Disaster Prevention Capabilities

Managed = End-to-End

What Chuck Burton calls a “cradle to grave” service and what we describe as our end-to-end service means the NEWT Business Phone solution isn’t cobbled together technology from a bunch of vendors. Instead it’s patented technology is created, supported and managed by NEWT, and it runs on NEWT”s own private network, meaning calls and data do not transit the less stable public Internet.

NEWT is the developer, the system manager, the data and voice provider and the support team.

Cradle-to-grave? One-stop-shop? End-to-End? It all means the same thing: NEWT takes care of all their customers voice and data needs, allowing them to take care of business.

NEWT: The End-to-End Solution