8 10, 2013

Having fun at Oktoberfest

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The most spectacular Oktoberfest in Canada takes place in the twin cities of Kitchener and Waterloo, Ontario. Originally, this metro area was called Berlin, Ontario, so many authentic German traditions have been preserved. This celebration is filled with opportunities to sample fine beers, cheeses, sausages and German cuisine. People in full authentic costumes roam the

6 08, 2013

Possible cheap flying soon for the Canada skies

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Let’s get ready to rumbleeeeeeee. Quick Hazel, hide the Tarot Cards and dismiss the mystic lady with her magic globe with fake snow floating around. Finally there's a reason for optimism. The planes....the planes.....are coming to the Canadian marketplace. You won't recognize the names, but you'll surely love the prices. It's a bank robbery without

18 07, 2013

Business to Business Growing in Canada

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Canada's top tech firms, with the exception of two of them, all have something in common. It isn't some technological revolution they're all in on, or some obscure machine that's changing the landscape, or even a brand new software that's letting some companies pull their sales and success above the competition. What they all have