8 08, 2018

5 Reasons Why NEWT is the Right Choice for Realtors

2020-11-05T16:37:00+00:00August 8th, 2018|NEWT, NEWT Business Services, NEWT Features, NEWT Managed PBX|

One of the biggest challenges real estate firms are facing today is keeping up with modern technology. PBX (Private Branch Exchange) solutions can help real estate agencies gain a competitive edge and maintain fast and efficient communication with clients. If you’re ready to bring your connection out of the stone age - or perhaps you’re

19 11, 2013

Alphabet Soup – What is DID?

2013-11-19T11:00:59+00:00November 19th, 2013|NEWT|

Here at NEWT we sometimes feel like we're swimming through a bowl of alphabet soup. Yeah, we use a lot of acronyms: PBX, DID, ANA, CLEC, VOIP, CDR, PRI, DSL, DISA...LMNOP...X, Y, and Z! It can be pretty overwhelming for the average Joe who isn't part of the telecom world. You almost need a special